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On Revisions

I’m done with revising The Last Slayer for the moment. Which means Agent thinks it’s ready to be shopped around, and I’m happy with it, too. I can’t thank her enough for all the suggestions and notes on how to make the story better. I really think the entire story hangs together so much more cohesively now.

Coincidentally (or otherwise) Colleen Lindsay blogged about revisions / rewrites and ego landing. I’d never heard the phrase “the ego has landed”, but it’s from a blog post by Del Rey Editor-in-Chief Betsy Mitchell on revisions / rewrites. It look like there are many writers who are very resistant to revisions / rewrites, even if they’re going to make the story better, because they’re so convinced of their own brilliance or something.

I hope I never become one of those writers. Agent, May and Hero Material have my permission to smack me hard when my hat becomes too snug for my own good.

2 comments to “On Revisions”

  1. May
    · October 21st, 2008 at 12:06 am · Link

    Always glad to help!

  2. Nadia Lee
    · October 21st, 2008 at 12:11 am · Link

    Somehow I knew you’d be enthused. LOL

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