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Copyright Registration & NaNo

Devil FallsAs you know, Devil Falls is out. (Everyone, go buy a copy! ;) ) Samhain doesn’t register copyright for the works it publishes, and so it was up to me to do it. And I did just now. It’s very easy to do by going to and it only cost $35. (BTW — there’s nothing fishy about Samhain not registering copyright for its authors. Samhain is a small press, and it doesn’t have the kind of resources to do it for all the titles it publishes.)

Some may ask why I bothered. Or why I hadn’t waited to see if it was worth it based on the sales data before I registered.

I did it for the same reason I got my Samhain contract reviewed by a literary attorney. This is business, and I wanted to do it right. There’s a big difference between the kind of protection you can get by registering within three months of publication v. later (or not at all):

Registration within three months allows you to become eligible to receive statutory damages and legal costs and attorneys’ fees from a copyright infringer.

…lots of other benefits that come with registration, like providing a public record of your copyright claim or that copyright registration is a prerequisite to bringing a copyright infringement suit. Sure, you can register your copyright later and then sue, but you’ll end up paying a lot more to expedite the process since you’ll want to immediately obtain an injunction against whoever is infringing your copyright.

Will I ever need the protection? I hope not, but you never know, and I prefer to have all my bases covered.

Now for more fun stuff….NANOWRIMO!!!!!

I’m planning to write 15 ms-formatted pages a day, five days out of a week, and write about 5 to 9 pages on the other two days. I think that’s very reasonable.

So NaNo, here I come!