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A Mixed Bag

It snowed in Japan. Burr. My city was saved from the horrible white stuff (I really don’t like snow), but the temperature’s falling rapidly. :( It’s going to be colder tomorrow.

On the writing front, I realized that I set up the entire fourth chapter incorrectly. It’s a shopping / planning / conflict sharpening chapter, and I know that part is right. It’s the setting and how the heroine chooses to shop that are wrong.

BTW — This is something that came up on one of the online forums I lurk. One member questioned my integrity, alluding that I’d blindly defend professional associates I have relationships with (such as literary agents, etc.).

I have no patience for incompetence. If I find someone’s performance less than satisfactory, I won’t defend them just because. So if you see me say something nice about some industry professional, it means I really think that person’s nice.

Finally — since the Big Three begging for $25 billion from the government is a big discussion topic among many (it’s huge in Japan too), I’ll leave you with something to consider.

The total compensation pool (that includes salaries plus bonuses) for Honda’s twenty-seven top executives, including its CEO, is $13 million dollars. That’s $13 million for ALL of them, not $13 million per person.

Toyota just announced that it had reduced its directors’ salaries. The company stated that it is important for Toyota executives to set good examples for its workers and that the executives must sacrifice first.

On the other hand, Rick Wagoner (GM CEO) gave himself a pay raise in March 2008. He is currently receiving $2.2 million dollars a year in salary alone. Furthermore, all Big Three executives flew in their private jets to beg for $25 billion from the Senate. ABC news reported that the round trip for Wagoner alone probably cost GM $20,000.