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Got notes from the agent re: All the King’s Women synopsis. As usual, she was totally right to ask the questions she did. I have a bad habit of assuming that people know what I’m talking about. So I tend to skip explaining the basic background, etc. Must correct this flaw. (And she was also right to question the main aspects of my world building. I find WB to be one of the most difficult things to do well.)

Yesterday was superb. Hero Material and I went out to lunch with his students. Most of them are retired and/or in their late 50s or so, but they’re absolutely hilarious. There’s a male student in the otherwise all female group, and he told me that he was jealous of James Bond because “Bond gets a new girlfriend in every movie.” LOL.

Afterward, I came home and realized why Nine wasn’t working. At all. It was one of those “OMG” moments, and I think the reason why it took me this long to figure it out is that I was way way too in love with the initial setup of Eve retrieving an old dude in a space station. I also think it’d be much more interesting to pit her against the archvillain much sooner. I’m also considering making POV changes.

2 comments to “Eureka!”

  1. Bethany
    · December 17th, 2008 at 5:12 am · Link

    Yay for that “a ha!” moment with NINE :). IIRC, I loved the setup for ATKW, so I’ll be waiting rather impatiently for that one!

  2. Nadia Lee
    · January 1st, 2009 at 12:44 pm · Link

    Thanks, Bethany. :)

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