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Feel vs. Think

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Yesterday went pretty well. I figured out exactly how to end the story, so I’m feeling quite pleased. :)

So here’s yesterday’s progress:

word count page count
previously written 44,169 216
newly written 4,107 20
total 48,276 236

I want to address one of the points brought up re: Pre-Published v. Unpublished because I got quite a few comments / messages on MySpace.

I’m not against being positive or wanting to reaffirm one’s dedication to one’s dream. If your goal is to become published, good for you. But…!

If you want to be published, you need to understand how publishing works and present yourself professionally. Misusing terms and misrepresenting yourself do not help your cause.

There are many people who want to feel good, feel validated, feel warm and fuzzy, etc. etc. But it’s all about feel, feel, feel.

Forget feel for a moment. Put on your thinking cap and think. Imagine you’re an industry professional. Let’s say…an agent. And someone misrepresent their publishing credit / status. Even if it was born out of ignorance or desire to feel good, wouldn’t you be annoyed that you wasted your time googling the writer’s name to see what that person has published?

IMHO, most professionals want to work with someone who understands how business works. Someone who’s done their homework. And when you’re putting yourself out there as a professional, it’s not the time to feel, but to think.