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Emaciated Shiro :(

mood: very worried
Shiro’s current state: barely visible

Hero Material weighed Shiro today. Since Friday, she lost two more grams. I held her very gently and felt her tiny bone moving against my hand. She’s incredibly thin now; I’m afraid she’s wasting away.

I bought some of her favorite nuts — cashews and pistachios — and put them in a bowl with all her other treats (bits of walnuts, whole-grain European bread, sunflower seeds, hard biscuits, some nutri-blocks). She had little yogurt, but that’s about it. She totally ignored the stuff in her bowl, and I almost cried since I have no idea what to do. I’m hoping she gets up later tonight and eats all those high calorie food.

P.S. I’m keeping her away from other hamsters so they don’t steal all the nuts! Peanut’s quite chubby (and incredibly active) and I know he’ll eat all the treats from Shiro’s food bowl if he can reach it.