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Bye Bye Babies

No, not my books.

My hamster babies.

Buttercup delivered six babies several weeks ago. As adorable as they are, Hero Material and I just could not keep them. Four hamsters are more than enough for us to handle.

So on Thursday, we took them to the local pet store where we bought Shiro and Kuro and gave them to the exotic pet lady.

Let’s just say that I was highly depressed about that. I really adored the babies and spoiled them as much as I could while they were with us.

Today we stopped by the pet store to check up on them. Fortunately, they had their own aquariums with their own water, toys, etc. They looked very small and happy inside.

Hope they find a new home soon. :wub:

P.S. Here’s the picture of one of the babies we had to give away.


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