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Exciting Read to Come: Free Novella!

Hello and thanks for stopping by. This October and November, I’m very excited to share my paranormal romance novella A Happily Ever After of Her Own absolutely free with all of you. The first two chapters are going to be available to everyone on my blog, and the rest of the chapters are going out to newsletter subscribers. Please feel free to let your friends know and mark your calendar for October 5th when the first installment goes live!

Chapter Titles and Schedule:

  1. In Which Our Heroine Is Charged (October 5th)
  2. In Which Our Heroine Gets an Unwelcome Companion (October 12th)
  3. In Which Our Sleep-Deprived Heroine Breaks Into Tudor Land (October 19th)
  4. In Which Our Hero and Heroine Face an Executioner (October 26th)
  5. In Which Our Hero and Heroine Are Caught Red-Handed (November 2nd)
  6. In Which the Evil Witch Issues an Ultimatum (November 9th)
  7. In Which Our Hero Makes an Impossible Choice (November 16th)
  8. In Which the Beast Is Doubly Cursed (November 23rd)
  9. In Which Our Heroine Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice (November 30th)

If you’d like to sign up early for the newsletter, just enter your email address and first name below or click here. Thank you and see you in October!

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A Happily Ever After of Her Own


October 5, 2009
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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella

Melinda Lightfoot, a preschool teacher with an unusual ability to flit in and out of fairy tales, never thought she would get into trouble…

…until the Fairy Tale Police arrest her while she is in Beauty and the Beast. They offer her a deal: Find Beauty, who left the story when Melinda trespassed into it, or be charged with the ultimate crime — Fairy Tale Killer. If that’s not bad enough the Beast tags along in search of his true love, and Melinda starts falling for the fairy tale prince. She must choose between doing the right thing and having her own happily ever after.

Warning: This title contains the following: Fairy Godmother, the Wicked Witch, dysfunctional fairy tale families, ax-wielding executioners and a happily ever after (or two).