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Music for the WIP Climactic Final Fight Scene

Most people think I listen to some really upbeat and/or tense tracks from action movies or something, but actually I listen to something like this when I’m working on the final fight scenes. The current WIP, which is going through some heavy revision, has a knife, a garrot, a gun, lots of blood, tears and a body.

BTW — I adore the lyrics, though I will not translate them because I think it takes away from the meaning of the song for me. You can take a look at YouTube video subtitles, but the translation there isn’t the best, either.

But the title means (in case anybody is wondering… and some Korean people don’t seem to know exactly what it means either) “the wind at the end of heaven”. (You can also call it “the wind that reaches the end of heaven” but I think it’s not as poetic.)