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Hello Summer!

To kick off the month of August with style, I’m hosting ten wonderful guests from August 3 to August 16.

Guest Appearance Schedule:

» August 3: Joely Sue Burkhart
» August 4: Susan Porter
» August 5: Alex Nordach
» August 6: Kate Cuthbert (website going live on August 6)
» August 9: Kait Nolan
» August 10: Sandy Wills
» August 11: Maria Zannini
» August 12: Emily
» August 13: Zoe Winters
» August 16: Renmiu

They’ll be covering various topics from the genres they love, their personal experiences / stories and awesome things they’ve learned while writing, etc. I’ve even got a tendonitis expert lined up to help with wrist pain. So please stop by!

As for me, I’ve had a very productive working month in July. I’ve finished up to Step Three for the All’s Fair revision. My accountability group has been enormously helpful in motivating me and keeping me working hard. (If you’re interested in joining, please check it out here.)

To reward myself and to “reset” my eyes for the next step in the revision process, I plan to read during the next two weeks. The following titles are currently on top of my TBR list (alphabetical order by author’s name):

The ever-wonderful BookDepository just dispatched Kiss of the Rose by Kate Pearce as well, so hopefully I’ll get it before August 15.

I hope your summer’s as productive as mine, and may your August be blessed with awesome books!