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Now You Can Sample DESTINY ENTWINED on Nook

DESTINY ENTWINED by Nadia LeeI’m not sure how many of you saw Dear Author’s post from yesterday regarding B&N PubIt stripping samples from erotic romances (the post also featured two of my books: erotic romance Destiny Entwined and contemporary romance Carnal Secrets). It appears as though PubIt started not allowing anybody to download samples of eroticas or erotic romances of indie authors, which resulted in a big loss of sales and so on for many indie authors.

Destiny Entwined was never allowed for sampling since it went on sale on February 14, and I just assumed that it was due to its length; it’s a short story. Mind you, Amazon Kindle has always allowed people to sample stories regardless of length or genre. But I honestly had no reason to suspect that how I categorized Destiny Entwined had anything to do with Nook users’ inability to read samples until I read DA’s post.

Between the time DA’s post went live and a few hours ago, PubIt allowed people to sample Destiny Entwined for the first time ever. I haven’t changed anything on PubIt. The story still has the exact same description and genre category as before. So I have no idea what happened on PubIt’s end. Maybe a little public pressure…?

Anyway, if you’re a Nook owner, I hope you download the sample and hopefully enjoy it enough to buy a copy. :) If erotic shorts aren’t your cup of tea, I also have a paranormal romance novella, A Happily Ever After of Her Own, and the aforementioned Carnal Secrets on sale as well.

And should any work of mine not have a sample on a particular bookseller’s website, you can always come here. I have links to excerpts of all my stories on the Bookshelf page.