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Guest Blog: Am I Mad by Lillian Grant

Male Order by Lillian GrantWhen I started writing stories I wrote anything that popped into my head. Some of the ideas I had were beyond bizarre, and the plots fizzled out with no ending in sight. However, as I worked on my technique and learned the art of crafting a story I became a lot more disciplined. I still wrote by the seat of my pants, plotting sends my creativity scurrying for cover, but I knew where the plot would end, even if I had no idea how I could get there. So, imagine my horror when, in the midst of working on a still incomplete serious futuristic sci-fi suspense, I got an idea for the most manic story ever with no ending, just a cast of crazy characters.

The story was born when I wondered how a girl who had never had a fulfilling sexual relationship would cope if she got persuaded to invest in a male escort business. Even worse, despite assuring my heroine, Meg, she would stay within the law, what if her best friend offers their escorts for more than just movie and a dinner? So, we have a sexually repressed heroine who has accidentally become a pimp. Hmm, how about if she shares a flat with a man who is far from repressed and is willing to help her lose her inhibitions, has a mother who is frigid, and a great aunt who chases anything in trousers? Oh and an Irish male stripper who signs up for a job as an escort and takes every opportunity he can to try and seduce poor Meg. Does it sound crazy yet?

These were just some of the cast that jostled for attention in my head. Convinced the only way to get over this madness was to write the book, I set to work. In less than six weeks, Male Order was done. I edited it and sent it off, telling my critique partner that people would either think it was really funny, or send the men in white coats.

I am sure we have all been told a movie or TV show is hysterical and yet when we’ve watched it can’t imagine why anyone would find it in the least big amusing. Comedy isn’t a universal language and different people find different things funny. Hence, my trepidation about the response I would get from publishers. Within a week I had the answer to my question can I write comedy from two publishers, both offering contracts. I signed up with Liquid Silver Books and Male Order began the journey to publication.

Now finally the question can be asked of the reading public. I really hope people find my strange cast of characters amusing and will even take a chance on book two, once I finish writing it. Apparently writing the first story just encouraged Meg, Sam, Laura, Michael, Aunt Maud and all the other weird cast of characters to move in. Goodness only knows how many stories they expect to star in!

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