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Giving Up Coffee

coffeeAngela James mentioned on Twitter that she quit drinking coffee, and that it made a big difference to her. I wasn’t a coffee drinker until I was 27 or so, and up until I got hooked, I’d never really felt the need for it, though I’d occasionally indulged in green tea and Diet Coke.

So I timed my detox period around my vacation in May to Korea. I quit drinking coffee one week before my trip to Korea, then I didn’t drink any while I was in Seoul, then voila, two weeks over! :)

I think it helped me fall asleep better. I used to lie in bed, wondering why the hell I wasn’t asleep yet! On the other hand, it’s been terrible for me in the mornings when I didn’t get to sleep very well, courtesy of The Boy. (I’m wondering if he’s teething again — he’s due to get his first molars soon — since he’s awfully restless at night.)

One thing I’m trying to do is drink more water every day, though I haven’t been too good about that. I have no idea why. When I was working my day job, I was drinking over a gallon a day. My coworkers used to joke about my “jug.” I don’t think anything has changed that much between now and then. Maybe I’m just old and forgetful now. :oops: