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Never-ending Revision & Tweaking

Recently, I happened to look at two blog posts on related themes — the ability to endlessly revise, tweak and change your published story on KDP, PubIt, etc. if you self-publish.

One posted on Dear Author was written from a reader’s point of view, who basically does not like this practice at all.

Another is posted on The Passive Voice, written from the point of view of mostly writers who have self-published, whether or not they have traditional publishing experience.

I can’t imagine trolling the web for reviews and endlessly tweaking and revising my books, reformatting them and re-uploading them over and over and over again. Firstly, it’s unfair to ask my readers to re-read the book they’ve read once just because I revised it. (That’s what betas and critique partners are for.) Secondly, I have other books I need to work on.

I guess in a way it’s really tempting to revise when you get a lot of less-than-flattering comments on some particular aspect of your story. But that’s supposed to be done before you publish and charge people money, not after.

I have, however, re-uploaded my books before, and it was due to some improvements I made in formatting, to update my bio, etc. So no, my readers don’t have to re-read my books to get the latest version of the story.

And now, excuse me while I go try to progress in my work on my works in progress.