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August 2013 Update

It’s crazy how 2013 is more than half over. It’s crazy…crazy I tell you!

I’ve been terrible about blogging. Mostly it’s due to my being busy with things that required (and drained) a lot of my energy.

Recently, I’ve been super stressed, and I started taking phosphatidyl serine, which supposedly helps reduce cortisol (a stress hormone). I think it’s helping me stay calmer than I would otherwise. It also supposedly boosts brain function, but I haven’t noticed anything. However, cognitive benefits were tested on elderly people who had trouble remembering things, and I don’t fit the demographic. If you want to try it, you can get a bottle from Amazon. It’s not that expensive.

In July, I finished drafting one book (contemporary romance), and I’m working on another book that’s tied to it (a novella). I’m hoping to release them all either December 2013 or early in 2014. It’s going to depend purely on the editorial schedule and how healthy The Boy is for the rest of the year.

And just for fun — and I haven’t done any self-improvement that’s mentally stimulating in a while — I’ve decided to study Photoshop on my own. I have a few books on it, and why the heck not? I only did one unit so far, and I’ve already learned so much. (BTW – one of the books was written and published by Adobe, which called Photoshop “intuitive.” *snort*)

On the reading front, I just devoured Ilona Andrews’s Magic Rises. It’s my favorite Kate Daniels novel now. :) Really loved it.

The plan is to finish the novella this month and start revising the novel I wrote in July.

I hope everyone’s doing well, and have a great August.