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What I’m Working on Right Now

Forever in Love revision
(This is what happens to the dining table at my place every time I’m revising something. I’m currently revising Forever in Love.)

I’ve been super busy this past week. I suspect that this week’s going to be insanely busy as well. Just to let you know what I’m working on (and what you can expect from the Hearts on the Line series):

  • Sweet in Love proofreading and formatting / correction
  • Forever in Love revision (1st round)
  • Look for somebody to read Damian and Victoria’s story (they’re from Redemption in Love) and let me know if I should republish this or hide it forever. (I’m getting my rights back in April.)
  • Make a teaser graphic or two for Sweet in Love, which is going live early March. (I’m hoping for March 2, but I’m not sure yet…)

Anything else I get done is going to make me smile like a happy rubber ducky. :)

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?