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Ask Nadia: So when will we find out…?

So when will we find out:

  • who’s been embezzling the TLD money
  • how Kerri’s getting along with her family
  • when Ethan and Kerri are getting married
  • about Amandine and Gavin’s married life
  • and their baby
  • etc?

I get asked this a lot via PM, email or comments. So I decided to make a simple chart:

Book 1. Vengeful in Love (Alex Damon & Natalie Hall’s romance)
  • Ethan Lloyd and Kerri Wilson are introduced.
Book 2. Reunited in Love (Ethan Lloyd & Kerri Wilson’s romance)
  • The Lloyd family is introduced.
  • Ethan’s family’s business, The Lloyds Development, is doing poorly. Somebody’s most likely embezzling funds too.
Book 3: Redemption in Love (Gavin Lloyd & Amandine Monroe Lloyd’s romance)
  • Redemption in Love begins before and ends after Reunited in Love in terms of timeframe. So you get a hint of Ethan and Kerri’s being together and happy toward the very end when he visits Gavin.
  • Mark Pryce is introduced.
Book 4: Sweet in Love (Pete Monroe & Brooke de Lorenzo)
  • A bit more about Amandine’s pregnancy and how Gavin’s coping with it.
Book 5: Forever in Love (Blaine Davis & Catherine Fairchild)
  • The identity of the embezzler is revealed.
  • Kerri and Ethan get married.
  • Kerri’s grandfather Barron Sterling makes an appearance (or two).

All the books are fine as standalone novels. Yes, there are some plot threads that don’t always get resolved (like the embezzler thread that spanned four books), but there is no cliffhanger that makes you wonder, “Will they or won’t they stay together?”

I think you’ll enjoy it more if you read them in order, but it’s not necessary. I hope this helps. :)