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Ask Nadia: How do you choose titles?

Very badly!

I generally don’t have a title when I start writing. My poor cover artist! I don’t know until I’m done with dev edits…or maybe in some cases until I’m done with line edits. The only book I had a title from the very beginning is Merry in Love (Meredith Lloyd’s story — coming this winter), partly because it’s so easy to have a little fun with the “in Love” pattern for the Hearts on the Line books, and Merry is a short form of Meredith…and the book is a holiday romance.

So…some of the tidbits about my titles. :)

Vengeful in Love was originally entitled Carnal Secrets.

Reunited in Love‘s working title was Temporarily in Love (I told you I suck at this…!).

Redemption in Love‘s working title was Anything But Divorce (I know… :sigh:)

Thankfully I have a great team of people helping me, so the final title usually isn’t too terrible. :)