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Life in September

The Boy & Me!

On the 1st of September, The Boy started kindergarten. He’s three, but kindergarten can start as early as three in Japan. W00t! Hero Material and I liked the teachers at the school and everything, so we’re very excited to enroll him there. A huge bonus is that it’s very close. About five or so minutes by bike. :)

After I broke my iPod earlier this year, I told myself I wouldn’t buy another. Guess what? I caved and bought a new one. Hero Material of course laughed at me. :sigh:

The big goals for this month are drafting The Billionaire’s Secret Wife (Vanessa Pryce and Justin Sterling — Kerri’s cousin from Reunited in Love) and seeing if I can wrap up the line edits for Merry in Love. It’s behind because of a couple of family crises we had in August. I’m still aiming to have the book out in mid- to late October though, by working under a much more compressed timeline.

Hearts on the Line CollectionThe first three books in the Hearts on the Line series are going to be bundled for a special collection in September. The collection (my first!) is available for pre-order right now if you want to grab a copy.

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great September!

Four Weeks Till Forever Giveaway

mail!Look what came in the mail today! :)

Of course you know what this means.

Open international. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. 5 winners. Good luck! :)

My First Mother’s Day Present from The Boy

The three most important people in his life. :)

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!


I’ve been sort of blue recently because my netbook Samsung NC10 has become obsolete. That is to say…its OS became obsolete. It came with Windows XP. :(

It really sucks since I like the portability and sometimes I want to go out into the wild (ok…let’s say a cafe with A/C and my favorite chocolate croissants, nothing too crazy LOL) to write. I have a 13″ laptop (also from Samsung), but it’s my workhorse unit. Which means I didn’t buy it for portability or battery power or anything. I bought it purely so I can leave it at home as a desktop replacement. It’s hooked to something like eight different peripheral devices, so you can imagine how cumbersome it is to unhook them all then plug them back in every time I want to take it somewhere.

Anyway, it turns out that NC10 can run the most basic Windows 7 (Home Premium 32-bit). I upgraded its RAM years ago, so it’s good to go on that front. Plus I don’t have to tinker with the Windows 7 DVD to create an ISO file since I already have an external optical drive. (I bought that a while back…can’t even remember why…)

Sooo…I just ordered Windows 7 from Amazon US, which should be here during Golden Week! W00t!!!!! *nerdgasm*

Hanami! (Cherry Blossoms!)

Woohoo!!!! Spring’s here!


I finally managed to book our vacation to Thailand in February 2015. I know, I know, it’s eleven months out. We thought about going this year, but our schedules didn’t work out. I really need something like this to look forward to, since I’ve been feeling slightly burned out recently.

I also confirmed every detail with the hotel to make sure our stay will be comfortable and there won’t be any surprises. (Some hotels can be a bit…fickle… coughcoughWestinChosuncoughcough.)

The below is the hotel we’re going to stay at. Hero Material and I stayed there in 2010 for our honeymoon, and we loved it. (Which is why I was inspired to set Gavin and Amandine’s second honeymoon in Thailand in Redemption in Love…) We’re not going to Chiang Mai since The Boy’s still too young for tigers and elephants and the like.

So now I’m totally dreaming of next February. LOL.

If you could go anywhere for your dream vacation, where would you go?