The Boy's Misadventures, Volume 2,053 and Counting

The Boy got diagnosed with chickenpox, so he's been going without bath or shower since Saturday (doctor's orders). Apparently, he's had enough because he got up and tried to sneak into the shower last night at 2am. I stopped him in time, and didn't think much of it.

This morning, I left him alone with Hero Material and went grocery shopping. He pretended to go to his room to grab some toys or something, but then he detoured and snuck into the shower and started the hot water*.

The Boy neglected to take off his clothes, so of course he got soaked through instantly. So Hero Material had no choice but to wash him, and he was thrilled to be finally squeaky clean again.

Thankfully, he's gotten over the chickenpox, so he can go back to daycare and hang out with his chibi (= very small) friends. Yay us.

* Japanese bathrooms have shower controls at around most adult's shin level because people here like to shower while sitting down. Also the water wasn't super hot or anything because it takes a while to warm up, and the shower temperature is set for 41C / 106F.

Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup

The Boy is sick, so I decided to make him a big pot of chicken noodle soup since we have some bones and chicken breast meat. Since I didn't have egg noodles, I decided to use udon noodles instead.

Step one: Home-made chicken stockhomemade chicken stock

Step two: Lots of veggies!veggies

Step three: Patience... anticipation...

Step four: Enjoy!tada - chicken noodle soup

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