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Dual Review, Interview & Giveaway

CARNAL SECRETS by Nadia LeeStella and Lea from Book Lovers Inc. gave Carnal Secrets a lovely dual review. It’s my first dual review, so I’m totally stoked!

Stella wrote:

I loved every single minute of reading it! I love emotionally intense and charged stories and this one didn’t spare the reader! I love to be involved in the story and Nadia Lee pulled me in right from the start. Even after I had finished and turned the last page, I kept feeling the lingering aftermath of the story, and even now, just thinking about Carnal Secrets, I get goosebumps. Yes, it was that good! *dreamy sighs*

So I think there’s nothing more for me to say: you absolutely HAVE to read Carnal Secrets and you will find a new favourite novel, author, hero and couple. *double sighs*

Lea wrote:

Ms. Lee writes with a lovely, articulate, sensual prose, and the graphic imagery in this story can only be described as stellar. She drew me into each scene that advanced a plot involving a passionate tempestuous romance, manipulation, treachery, corporate espionage, and, carnal secrets. …


Carnal Secrets has rocketed to the top of my list of favorite reads so far this year. I’ve enjoyed it more than once and will read it again. A keeper for sure.

You can read their dual review here.

Also — The awesome ladies at Book Lovers Inc. are hosting an interview and a giveaway featuring yours truly and Carnal Secrets. It’s open to everyone regardless of their location. So go check it out and comment for your chance to win!

Realization About the Rest of the Year

I just realized that I may not write any new projects this year. The thought was rather startling because I was convinced I’d be able to start drafting another project.

But as it stands, I need to finish revisions on my WIP and send it to Agent, plus complete edits on The Last Slayer. The Unborn One is going to come out in the next few weeks, whether or not his timing is convenient. (It’s not, but I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. :) )

By the time the Boy’s out and The Last Slayer edits are done, it’s going to be the end of June, or maybe even early July. I have no idea how the newborn is going to impact my schedule or anything like that. Hopefully by the end of July, I’ll be somewhat lucid enough to send WIP to Agent, start outlining the sequel to The Last Slayer, finalize promo plans for The Last Slayer and budget the time and money for it.

The last time I did a detailed outline for a book, it was for Carnal Secrets, and it took me about a month to do it. I think the sequel to The Last Slayer is going to take longer than a month to outline…probably two or three. So I’m thinking maybe around November or December, I can possibly start drafting the sequel, if everything goes as planned (the best case scenario). Or maybe everything will implode and I’ll get nothing done.

Since I’m trying to be more optimistic these days, I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhere in-between. And it’s shocking that I may end this year without drafting anything new. (Outlines don’t count.)

Sweet May

Hello, everyone. I hope you had a lovely start to your May and a fabulous Mother’s Day.

We had a week-long holiday in Japan (Golden Week), and it was so pretty, with warm and sunny weather. Hero Material and I bought a new refrigerator. And sadly enough, I got really excited about it. If anybody had asked me if I’d get giddy over a new fridge 10 years ago, I would’ve laughed at them. Guess it’s my nesting instinct kicking in…? :D

After the heart-pounding excitement of fridge shopping, I spent most of Golden Week working on edits for The Last Slayer. I’m almost done. I need to let it sit for about a couple of days and read it over before sending it back to my editor.

And speaking of The Last Slayer, it’s the first book in a trilogy, which Carina Press is calling The Heartstone Trilogy. What do you think about the name? :) (And yes, it’s really going to be a trilogy, not a never-ending series.)

CARNAL SECRETS by Nadia LeeFor those of you who haven’t seen it yet, The Romance Reviews hosted a book interview featuring Carnal Secrets. You can learn more about what inspired me to write the story and so on. I’ll be checking comments periodically to answer any questions.

This month, I guest-blogged on The Romance Reviews about other points of view. In it, I discussed the challenges of making antagonists appear not so black and white even while using only one or two points of view (hero / heroine) in Carnal Secrets.

Toward the end of May, the lovely Stella and Lea from Book Lovers Inc. are going to interview me, plus post their dual review of Carnal Secrets. I’ll post updates when I know more, get the links, etc.

Also if you’re an aspiring writer, don’t forget to check out Magic and Mayhem Writer’s 4-in-1 critique to benefit juvenile diabetes research. If you want to learn more about our critique style, you can click on the following for details: Sandy, Amanda, Shawntelle, Yours Truly.

On a more personal note, I’m now at week 35. The Boy weighs almost 6 pounds, and he seems very healthy and energetic; he demonstrates it by kicking his mother mercilessly everywhere, including the ribs. ;) Hero Material and I are very excited at the prospect of holding the Boy in our arms soon. :)

I’ve updated my contact page to let people know that the response time to emails may be longer than usual, given my semi-maternity leave mode. If you’re a writer and want to email me with questions specific to writing and business matters, please check the FAQ for writers before doing so. This will save both of us time. :)

If you’re a reader, I don’t have a FAQ for you. You’re welcome to email me, Tweet me or leave me messages on my FB page. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as able.

I hope you all have a lovely May! Talk to you soon.

Review: A Happily Ever After of Her Own

A HAPPILY EVER AFTER OF HER OWN by Nadia LeeBonnie of A Backwards Story has written a lovely review of A Happily Ever After of Her Own:

If you’re looking for a light, funny novella, look no further than A Happily Ever After of Her Own by Nadia Lee. Lee takes the term “fractured fairy tale” to new heights, creating a story in the same vein as the Shrek movies. Upon reading this e-book, who wouldn’t covet Melinda’s ability to pop in and out of various fairy tales? I know I’d love to take a first-hand look at my favorite tales.

At first, I was surprised by the way the romance shapes up because I wasn’t expecting it to come in the form it did. Lee does it in such a way, however, that it makes sense. There’s a startling revelation about fairy tales that I won’t spoil for you here. Overall, A Happily Ever After of Her Own is a fast, entertaining read that will give you food for thought, especially if you’re a fairy tale lover!

Read Excerpt »
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My Books Are on Amazon Kindle Germany!

When I saw the announcement that Amazon is opening Kindle store in Germany, I never thought my books would be available on Amazon DE as well. But then a few people said, “Hey, our books are showing up!” so I hopped on over to look myself up.

Nadia on Amazon DE

All four of my books are on Amazon DE! W00t! I signed up for their author central program, so my information, etc. is there (though in English…I have no idea how to speak or write German).

So cool. I love it that people can buy ebooks easily in countries served by Amazon DE.