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Okay, several people asked me about Jacob Lloyd. Mostly about whether or not I’m going to write a story about him and redeem him.

At this point, the answer is no, I have no plans to redeem him. He’s such a jerk — bigamist, stole girlfriends from his youngest brother just to feel superior, ran the family business into the ground and verbally abused his wife.

The other thing is I have no clue what kind of woman:

a. would want to be with him, and
b. could change / reform him.

He has so many unforgivable flaws, you know?

OTOH — a lightning might strike and I might come up with the most perfect woman for Jacob. So I won’t say never, but for now, I have no plans to write his story.

If have any questions about me, my writing, books, characters or anything else, feel free to drop me a line by leaving me a comment, using the contact form or via Facebook or Twitter. I reserve the right not to answer if the topic happens to be politics or religion. But anything else is more or less fair game. Thanks! :)

Beyond Desire

Beyond Desire

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Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson would rather be behind a computer creating computer games …until he meets Kara Foster. But when she ends up in a situation that could very well be her destruction, Simon steps up to help her, not realizing that in saving Kara, he might very well be salvaging his own soul.

ONE MORE DAY by M. Malone
When Ridley Wells finds herself on the wrong side of a mafia don, she runs to the only person she trusts. But her twin sister is out of town and she has no where to go. So when resident bad boy Jackson Alexander mistakes her for her sister, she does something she knows she shouldn’t. She lies.

FOR YOU by Mimi Strong
Aubrey’s fled her shabby past for a reason, and won’t let anyone close enough to discover her secrets. Sawyer talks his way into one date, and then another. Aubrey finds herself smiling, and falling in love.
But when the truth comes out about Aubrey’s past, will Sawyer stand by her side?

Riley never got over her first love, Thorsen, so when he shows up at the quirky inn she manages 12 years later, she falls for him all over again. She soon finds out the inn is being sold to Holt Enterprises, who’ll strip it of everything that makes it unique. When faced with the real reason Thorsen’s returned and his unbearable betrayal, will she be able to save the inn and her chance at true love?

Singer-songwriter Lucy Moore has already met her soul mate. But when he betrays her she returns home with some decisions to make. Can she stay away from the one person who she’s destined to be with or will Seth, the tortured artist claim her heart?
After a horrific accident, Seth Keenan’s own destiny is shattered. Now he’s abandoned his career in favor of his tattoo gun and has vowed to never to get close to anyone again…until he meets Lucy. In a world where everyone has one true soul mate, can these two find love in the arms of each other?

A MOMENT by Marie Hall
Lili would much rather be doing homework on Valentine’s then hanging out in a Burlesque bar, until she meets the brooding Ryan. What she doesn’t know is that Ryan has decided tonight he’ll end it all, but fate has other plans for him. Lili is determined to save not only his body, but his soul too.

IN KELLY’S CORNER by Roxie Rivera
Former Marine Kelly Connolly will do anything to keep Bee Langston safe, but winning the underground cage fighting tournament to save his family’s legacy comes at a high price—one that might just cost his sweet Bee her life.

Billionaire Ethan Lloyd gets the second chance he wants when he runs into Kerri Wilson. She’s the only woman who ever touched him, but she vanished after their one night of passion. He offers her a job and a home, but with her past catching up to her, Kerri may have to bolt again—even though her heart is telling her to stay. Ethan’s not giving her up without fighting to make their “temporary” arrangement something far more permanent…

Struggling actress Tara has grown used to the idea that her career might not progress beyond an occasional commercial—until her best friend’s brother, Luis encourages her to make a big move. Soon Tara is taking more than career risks as she plunges headlong into a steamy relationship with the guy she crushed on as a teenager.

ESCAPE IN YOU by Rachel Schurig
Jet Taylor is the quintessential bad boy. The type of guy most girls do their best to avoid. But Zoe Janes is no saint herself and the more time they spend together, the harder it is for Zoe to stick to her “fun only” mantra. Jet is getting under her skin, making her believe things could actually be different, that freedom might be possible. And that makes him the most dangerous boy of all.

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Mea Culpa: FOREVER IN LOVE – Apple Problem

OK, I’m really sorry, but something went wrong with my Apple upload, and Forever in Love got released early. Except the copy that was uploaded was an un-proofed ARC, not the actual production copy. :(

I don’t know what happened, and I’m really unhappy. But I have no one to blame but myself since I’m the one who uploaded the file.

I think it got fixed now, but I’m uploading the finished production copy to Apple. When the book goes live, you should be able to get the clean, finished copy. I’m very sorry about this. :(


2014 April Special!

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So What Am I Up to This April?

I just got done with a very rough draft of Mark Pryce’s and Hilary Rosenberg’’ (Gavin Lloyd’s executive administrative assistant — if I call her a “secretary” Mark’s going to get mad lol) story. So while it’s marinating, I’m treating myself to two days of taxes (fun!) and another day or two of reading.

(In case you’re wondering what I’m planning to read, I downloaded a copy of Alphas After Dark.)

After a careful read-through, Mark & Hilary’s story is going to be self-revised, then it’s off to my editor. While she’s working on the story, I’ll be working on Meredith Lloyd’s story, where I plan to reveal the whole secret / mystery surrounding her son Eric’s paternity, plus pair her up with the super-sexy brother of her best friend. Oh and I’ll have Forever in Love (Blaine Davis and Catherine Fairchild’s story) proofread and formatted. I’m aiming to have it released on May 12. Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list if you want to get notified when it’s available! :)

Several fans have asked me if they’ll ever find out who’s behind the embezzlement at The Lloyds Development. All that is answered in Forever in Love, I promise. :)

March Fun (and Prizes!)

To celebrate the release of Sweet in Love, I’m doing a big giveaway with sixteen romance authors. Please come join the fun. :)

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