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Double Cover Reveal

A Hollywood Bride – the second book in Billionaires’ Brides of Convenience series featuring Ryder and Paige. This book does not contain a cliffhanger ending.

A Hollywood Bride (Billionaires' Brides of Convenience, Book 2) by Nadia Lee

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The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride – The Pryce Family holiday reunion story to be out later this year.

The Billionaire's Holiday Bride (The Pryce Family Book 6) by Nadia Lee

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A Hollywood Deal Is Out!

Finally, the first book in Billionaires’ Brides of Convenience series is out! Meet Ryder Pryce-Reed, incorrigible actor and playboy!

A Hollywood Deal

A Hollywood Deal (Billionaires' Brides of Convenience Book1) by Nadia Lee I’m used to cleaning up after my boss, Hollywood superstar and all-around bad boy Ryder Pryce-Reed. Nothing can shock me now–not the countless “humped and dumped” women or the wreckage left in the wake of his wild ways–until he asks me to marry him…

…for a year.

He says it’s strictly so he can claim his beloved grandfather’s painting, but I know there’s more. There’s always more with Ryder.

My instincts say no, but he’s offering to take care of the baby in my womb. Since my self-centered ex isn’t going to play the father, I say yes, while steeling my heart. I can’t afford to fall for a man who only wants me for a year.

But how can I resist the sexiest man alive when he turns on his formidable charm to give everyone a good show? And how does a simple girl like me deal with the spotlight as his fiancée…or the scandal that explodes in our faces?


Okay, I really need to warn everyone: unlike my other titles, THIS ONE ENDS IN A CLIFFHANGER. I went back and forth on this because there are lots of readers who simply hate cliffhangers, but ultimately the story just couldn’t be wrapped up in a satisfying manner in one normal-sized book without rushing the ending.

But I guarantee that Ryder and Paige WILL have their happy ending! Thank you!


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Note: A Hollywood Deal‘s sequel, A Hollywood Bride, is currently available for pre-order on iBooks.

About the Pryce parents…

I got more than a few emails and messages, etc. about the Pryce parents. The short answer is I don’t know.

I feel bad that’s all I can say for certain. I know it sounds totally crazy when I tell you that I don’t know. You’re probably thinking, “But Nadia, aren’t you the author, so you know everything about what’s going to happen?”

The answer is no. I know very little. I know as much as my characters want to tell me. The whole secret about Vanessa? I didn’t know that until I was writing that scene. Why Shane really left? I didn’t know that until I hit the part where he went to Ginger’s parents’ house. I knew nothing about Dane’s background until I was writing the 5th draft of The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire. (Yes, he was that tight-lipped, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why the book was two months late. Thankfully Sophia was much more open about herself, and my dev editor talked me out of throwing my laptop out of the window.)

The only thing I know for certain is that the main couples in my books get their HEA no matter what. <3

Scribd Subscription Program Update

Because I’ve been getting some questions about the issue, I’ve decided to make a public statement.

As some of you know, I started distributing to Scribd earlier this year because I thought it would be something my readers would like. However, if you go to Scribd now, you won’t find any of my books on its subscription service. Scribd culled a lot of romance titles because it decided that its users “read them too much.”

Scribd pulled my titles without any notification and wouldn’t explain when they might reappear on their site for subscription. This is disappointing, but there’s nothing I can do for now. If you’re interested in reading my books via subscription, I suggest that you try Oyster instead.

The Pryce Family Bundle Is Out Today!

The Pryce Family Volume 1 (Books 1-3) by Nadia LeeOver 250 five-star reviews on Amazon! Meet the arrogant, sexy alpha billionaire brothers and the women who bring them to their knees…

“Fans of Bella Andre and Susan Mallery are sure to become fans of Nadia Lee.” — PW Reader

The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend

Curvaceous beauty Hilary Rosenberg doesn’t believe in love. She only goes out with nice guys who won’t expect passionate romance–until a notorious womanizer demands she repay a favor with four weeks of counterfeit dates.

Billionaire playboy Mark Pryce doesn’t do relationships. In fact, he’s never been with the same woman for more than three months. But when his matchmaking mother tries to sabotage his bachelorhood, he needs a stand-in girlfriend to deflect her. Luckily, Hilary owes him. But as they start to spend more time together, he finds himself wanting to break his first rule: never get too close…

The Billionaire’s Inconvenient Obsession

Deep in debt and stalked by a deadly conman, Jane Connolly needs a job and a safe place to stay. With no one to turn to in an unfamiliar city, she can’t refuse the kindness of a magnetic stranger.

A former mixed martial arts fighter, billionaire Iain Pryce couldn’t walk away from a small town girl in a big city, especially when it’s obvious she’s in trouble. But her sweet spirit threatens the single principle he’s been living under for the past thirteen years: don’t lose control…

The Billionaire’s Secret Wife

Having grown up in a dysfunctional family, Vanessa Pryce knows the futility of relying on a man for happiness. But there is one man who makes her want to ignore the truth: the irresistible Justin Sterling, her no-strings boyfriend since their college days together. Even after they break up, she continues to meet him for passionate encounters while keeping the relationship secret. No need to make public something that’s doomed.

Billionaire tycoon Justin Sterling understands Vanessa’s fears. But he’s about to change the game they’ve been playing… Because when one drunken night of sex leads to pregnancy, he’s going to move heaven and earth to rewrite their rules.

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Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée

The opening scene from The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée

The Billionaire's Forgotten Fiancée by Nadia Lee“I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.” Ginger Maxwell’s hand tightened around her phone as another of her clients canceled. They were going to lose their thirty percent deposit, but unless she could book replacements, she was screwed. It was the fifteenth—or was it sixteenth?—cancellation in the last few days, and that left her calendar blank for months.

Sighing heavily, she sat on her living room couch and buried her face in her hands. Think, think, think. Should she run some kind of promotion or sale? The deposits gave her a little leeway. Some couples might be looking for a last-minute wedding photographer. Anything to fill up her schedule.

The doorbell rang and she thought, Finally, my pizza. She pulled the door open and shoved a limp twenty-dollar bill out with one hand, her eyes and mind on the food. Just as she realized that there was no cardboard box, a cool voice said, “I don’t need your money.”

She looked up into the face of Dane Pryce, older brother of her former fiancé Shane. Her brain sputtered for a moment. Was this some kind of nightmare? Finally she managed to say, “What are you doing here? How do you even know my address?” She’d moved a month ago.

“It’s not like you’re in witness protection.” Annoyance put an edge to his tone. “If you hadn’t refused to talk to my assistant, I wouldn’t have had to come.”

She crossed her arms. “We have nothing to say to each other.” Shane’s parents had never cared much for her. His siblings had been nice enough, but ever since his sister had seen Ginger on a date with another man and called her names, she didn’t think the rest of Shane’s family had much in the way of warm and fuzzy feelings left for her.

Dane’s eyes grew hard. “Trust me. You’re the last person I want to hang out with.” He stepped around her and walked inside. Dressed in a ridiculously overpriced suit, he looked completely out of place in her modest one bedroom apartment.

Notes and memory cards were scattered everywhere on her dining table, and her laptop whirred, processing images. She cringed at the three old pizza boxes under the coffee table and shirts and shorts tossed carelessly over the back of her couch. She really should keep her place cleaner…except she hated cleaning.

“Pack your things and grab your passport,” Dane said, his gaze sweeping over the mess that was her apartment. “There’s a car coming in two hours.”

“For what?”

“For you to go to Thailand. There’s a jet waiting. Once you land, a driver will take you to our family vacation home.”

Her jaw dropped at his high-handedness. “I can’t just fly off to Thailand!”

“Of course you can. I’ll arrange for pizza to be delivered.” Dane gave her a frosty smile. “And you’ll be paid quite well for your time.”

She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. “Is somebody getting married in Thailand?”

He ignored her hostility. People were right. Ice water flowed in his veins. “I don’t particularly want you there, but Shane’s doctor recommended we send somebody. The requirement was that it be someone he’d had a positive relationship with for a long time.”

Doctor? She’d told herself she no longer cared about Shane. He’d betrayed her, treating her like he didn’t even know her when she’d gone to him. But her heart stuttered anyway, panic flooding through her body. “Is he all right?”

“He had a head injury. I sent some men, but he doesn’t want to come home, and none of us are in a position to drop everything and go. That leaves you.”

“I have a job,” she said, although that wasn’t technically true. Every one of the clients she’d booked for the next six months had cancelled…

“Is that a fact?”

She scowled as a thought crossed her mind. “Did you get my clients to cancel?” When he merely looked at her, outrage closed around her neck. “How dare you!”

“You’ll make more money from this than those wedding jobs. People have said a lot of things about me, but stingy isn’t one of them.”

“Just asshole and bastard.”

A corner of Dane’s mouth lifted. “And proud of it.”

She glared at him. “I can just wait you out. I have the money and resources.”

“And I have more of both. You aren’t going to win this one.”

As infuriating as that was, he was right. She wouldn’t win this one at all.

The Billionaire's Forgotten Fiancée by Nadia Lee“It’s hot and muggy in Thailand,” he said. “Pack accordingly.”

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