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My Goodreads Rating System

Some people have asked me what my rating on Goodreads mean, so here’s a quick cheat sheet. (This applies to fiction only.) I also put the baseball analogy in brackets.

starstar grayedstar grayedstar grayedstar grayed 1 star — Goodreads interprets this as “didn’t like it”. I give 1 star to books that had mechanical, character, plot and/or craft issues to a degree serious enough that …

Writer Beware: Web Designers & Graphics

I’ve seen so many writers who got into difficult situations with their webmasters. It could be anything from the webmaster going MIA, doing shoddy work, whatever. In the eventuality that you want to break up with your designer / webmaster, you should always ensure that your website design (including CSS, graphics, header, buttons, everything) is yours to take with you, …

How I Revise

I’m in the middle of revision right now. Though my process is different for each project, I’ll share the revision method for my current WIP.

Step One: I print out the whole thing in whatever font strikes my fancy, but it’s always double-spaced so I have enough room to scribble notes. Then I read it through in 3-5 days and …

Journal 10+

journal 10+At the end of every year, I feel like I got nothing done with my life, though Hero Material tells me that isn’t so. He says I have a very warped idea about what I’m doing most of the time. Obviously our perceptions and reality don’t always mesh, but surely there are better / easier ways to keep track.

But …

Ginger Tea Recipe

I love drinking ginger tea regularly. It gives me a little perk-me-up, plus soothes my throat.

Ginger tea is super easy to make, though you need to do a little preparation first. Here’s how I make mine.

What you need:

  • fresh ginger roots
  • honey and sugar (brown or white) mixture — I prefer a 1:1 ratio
  • a glass jar big

Writers: Math Is Your Friend

Hypothetical Scenario:

Suzy just received an offer of publication. She wishes to be paid 10% royalties, but Publisher says it can only pay 8%. Publisher says it’s only a 2% difference. So Suzy agrees to the offer.

Later, Suzy writes another book and receives an offer of publication from Publisher. She wants to get paid 8% royalties, but Publisher says …