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An Improper Deal Is Out!

An Improper Deal by Nadia Lee
My life crashed and burned two years ago, and now I’m a stripper — a very bad one. Worse, I’m in debt to a dangerous man who orders me to seduce a billionaire prodigy. Except why would a guy as handsome and rich as Elliot Reed want me, a girl with no education, no prospects, and a younger sister to feed?

But Elliot is more than the incorrigible bad boy that the world sees. He is kind to my sister and looks at me like I’m a decadent dessert he wants to devour. When Elliot offers me money for sex, I wish I could walk away, but he ups the ante: a million dollars for one year of marriage. The man’s gotta be insane, but beggars with less than a hundred bucks in the bank can’t be choosers, and I want to give my sister a life better than my own.

Now, trapped between a man who controls my future and a man who could own my heart, I wonder if I haven’t screwed up my life even worse when my “husband” refuses to call me by my given name, and I run into my ugly past…and his.

Note: This book contains a cliffhanger ending.

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An Improper Bride by Nadia Lee
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Pete & Brooke – 8,264 words.

Gavin & Amandine – Finished. Total words: 56,995.

Gavin & Amandine – 6,267 new words written. I want to write a bit more, but my brain’s fried. Total word count count: 14,037.

Writing Update for 4/21/2013

Started drafting Gavin & Amandine today. Wrote 5,150 words. Not the most elegant ones, but enough to get the story down.

Writing Update: Gavin & Amandine Outline Day 3

outline notesGavin & Amandine outline is about 90% done (plot-wise). I need to fill out setting & character sections (mostly notes about the setting for each scene and character outfit, etc.), incorporate some research notes, then I’m done! :)