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AN UNLIKELY DEAL Cover Reveal + Blurb + Excerpt

Just got the finalized cover from my designer. Isn’t it pretty? Squeee!!!!

I can’t wait to share the story of Lucas and Ava. I had a blast writing it, and I adore both characters and rooted for them like crazy while working on their epic romance even though I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for them.

An Unlikely Deal by Nadia Lee



When Ava Huss, the only woman I ever loved, left without a word after my horrific motorcycle crash, I didn’t pursue her. The crash left me broken, and the ensuing two years have been hell. My billions can’t make up for what’s wrong with me. My body is deadened to the world, and the only thing I crave — with increasing desperation — is her.

When I receive an anonymous tip about her location, I go after her, knowing an explosive confrontation is the only thing that can thaw the ice inside me.


I walked away from the love of my life, Lucas Reed, two years ago because I learned I’d been nothing but a toy to him — a temporary playmate to provide some cheap thrills. I’ve rebuilt my life since then, and I’ve been happy…until Lucas shows up again.

He acts as though I’ve wronged him. He demands payback.

I’m not letting him get to me, not this time, and not like this. I survived one heartbreak, but I won’t survive a second…


“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I get on that plane of yours.”

He smiles with the ease of a man used to getting his way. What I wouldn’t give to wipe that expression off his face.

“Is that so? I guess they’ll need to break out the blankets in Hades tonight.” Before I can respond, he picks me up and tosses me over a shoulder like a sack of rice. Blood rushes to my face, but that isn’t the only thing making my cheeks heat.

“Put me down, you bastard!”

I lash out with my legs, trying to hit him in the ribs or wherever it’s going to hurt enough for him to stop this, but he wraps an arm around the backs of my knees, effectively stopping me. My head bounces on his back, and I pound the thick slab of muscle there, but I might as well be smacking a rock.

“You’re making a scene, Ava. Bad girl.”

He smacks my ass with his free hand. It stings enough to make me see red with outrage. I flail around, trying to get down or hurt him or even better—accomplish both.

“Keep doing that and I’ll drop you. Which will hurt.”

“Like you care!”

“But I do. Very much.”

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Signed Book Giveaway!

USA Today bestseller 2017_02_16
To celebrate The Pryce Family (Books 1-3) hitting the USA Today Bestseller list, I’m hosting a giveaway. (I know it’s late. But I was about to leave for the airport when I heard, and we just got back from our trip on Thursday, almost midnight. And hey, better late than never, right?)

I’ve never done signings, and there are only ten autographed copies of my books out there…anywhere. So winning a copy here will help you join a super small group of readers. :)

So, the prizes!

One copy of your choice:

The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend
The Billionaire’s Inconvenient Obsession
The Billionaire’s Secret Wife
The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée
The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire
The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride
Taken by Her Unforgiving Billionaire Boss
Wanted by Her Scandalous Billionaire (Story about Salazar Pryce’s illegitimate son Blaine)
A Hollywood Deal
A Hollywood Bride
An Improper Deal
An Improper Bride
An Improper Ever After

Three winners will be chosen. :)

Rules and disclaimers:

  1. Open in all countries where reliable mail service is available.
  2. The giveaway starts at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on March 2 and ends at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on March 9.
  3. The winners will be announced on this page at 7 a.m. Eastern Time on March 10. The prize must be claimed within seven days or an alternate winner will be chosen.
  4. The winners are responsible for any taxes, import tariffs, etc. (Putting it here so I don’t get hounded by different countries’ tax authorities!)
  5. I, Nadia Lee, is the sole sponsor of this giveaway.
  6. I am not responsible for lost or damaged prizes.
  7. I cannot guarantee that your prize will arrive by a certain date as I’m shipping from overseas.

Good luck!

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The Pryce Family (Books 1-3) made the USA Today bestsellers list!

USA Today bestseller 2017_02_16

The Pryce Family (Books 1-3) made the USA Today bestsellers list! Thank you to everyone who made it happen! <3 <3 <3

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Three hot love stories — the billionaire members of the powerful Pryce family find love in unlikely places in these emotional romances.

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Sharing is caring! Let your friends know about the deal. Friends don’t let friends miss a great bargain! ;)

An Improper Ever After is out today!

Are you ready for the stunning conclusion to Elliot and Annabelle’s epic love story?

An Improper Ever After by Nadia LeeThe proposition: One year of “marriage” for one million dollars. Sex, yes. Falling in love, no.

Desperate to escape crushing poverty and provide for my younger sister, I took the deal. But I violated the rules by falling for Elliot Reed, the gorgeous, brilliant billionaire bad boy…and he broke them by wanting more between us–a bond more profound than any legal contract could provide.

However, my complicated past isn’t the only thing derailing our marriage. Elliot has his share of skeletons in the closet, and his enemies are determined to use me to get to him.

Now it’s time for us to make our final stand—unite and fight for our happy ending—except it will require both of us to reveal our ugliest secrets to each other…and the world.

Note: No cliffhanger! This is the final book in Elliot and Annabelle’s love story.

Get Your Copy Today!

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If you’ve been waiting for all the books in Elliot and Annabelle’s story to be out so you can read them all back-to-back, now you can. Start the trilogy within the series and discover my favorite new bad boy hero! :)

An Improper Deal (Elliot & Annabelle #1)

An Improper Deal by Nadia LeeMy life crashed and burned two years ago, and now I’m a stripper–a very bad one. Worse, I’m in debt to a dangerous man who orders me to seduce a billionaire prodigy. Except why would a guy as handsome and rich as Elliot Reed want me, a girl with no education, no prospects, and a younger sister to feed?

But Elliot is more than the incorrigible bad boy that the world sees. He is kind to my sister and looks at me like I’m a decadent dessert he wants to devour. When Elliot offers me money for sex, I wish I could walk away, but he ups the ante: a million dollars for one year of marriage. The man’s gotta be insane, but beggars with less than a hundred bucks in the bank can’t be choosers, and I want to give my sister a life better than my own.

Now, trapped between a man who controls my future and a man who could own my heart, I wonder if I haven’t screwed up my life even worse when my “husband” refuses to call me by my given name, and I run into my ugly past…and his.

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An Improper Bride (Elliot & Annabelle #2)

An Improper Bride by Nadia LeeWhen Elliot Reed offered a one-year contract marriage, I accepted it. Jobless, with a younger sister to provide for, I didn’t have much of a choice even though I found him insufferably arrogant and too attractive for my own good. But somewhere along the way, our terms seemed to have altered. Now Elliot wants a fresh start, and I agree. I would like a peaceful marriage–even if it’s fake, and even if it’s only for a year.

Despite our commitment, the ugly baggage we carry gets in the way. He demands nothing less than full openness, and I can’t leave my heart vulnerable to a man who may turn his back on me if he discovers my secrets.

As our pasts collide, his enemies become mine, and mine become his. Unless we can overcome our fear and mutual distrust, our fresh start is doomed…

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Happy Thanksgiving! (And Special Promotion!) #Hot4HolidaysBF

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S.A.!

Although I don’t live in the States at the moment, I’m still American, and I’d like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. I hope to continue to entertain and make your days brighter with my work, and next year there are going to be a few free short stories coming your way via my newsletter. (Yes, one of them is going to feature Dane and Sophia :) ) These are only for newsletter readers, so if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? You can get on the list here or by entering your name below and hit “Sign Me Up!”

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