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The Baby

mood: very very tired and sleepy

Today’s progress — again, this includes stuff from my pre-writing draft.

word count page count
previously written 19,280 95
newly written 7,873 39
total 27,153 134

By popular request…the baby! Peanut & Buttercup look exactly the same. This is when they were about three weeks old. Hero Material took the picture. Sorry for the …

The Great Escape

mood: upbeat
workout: lower body; very tiring
treat for the day: a long soak (the gym has a big hot tub) and exfoliation

Today went better than yesterday on the writing front. Don’t be shocked at the word count. I’ve been able to use stuff from my old pre-writing drafts, and I’m not editing as I write, so it’s not …

My 1st Working Day of the Year

mood: tired but feeling accomplished
currently working on: All the King’s Women
dreamed last night: that I won a $30 million jackpot (lottery) and spent over two months consulting lawyers and CPAs to figure out how to minimize my tax liability and to set up multiple trust funds and develop an investment strategy; I got nothing written during that time …

Good-Bye 2008, Hello 2009!

mood: optimistic about the future
currently working on: All the King’s Women outline; I have it almost figured out…!
currently reading: Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

2008 was long and difficult yet surprisingly interesting and rewarding as well.

On the writing front, the year started off with selling a book to Samhain so that’s always fantastic. But the biggest accomplishment …


Got notes from the agent re: All the King’s Women synopsis. As usual, she was totally right to ask the questions she did. I have a bad habit of assuming that people know what I’m talking about. So I tend to skip explaining the basic background, etc. Must correct this flaw. (And she was also right to question the main …

A Fast Update

I can’t believe I went over a week without blogging. I try to post more regularly.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope everyone ate a lot of turkey. We didn’t celebrate it since Thursday is a regular weekday here. Shiro is getting very rotund these days. Not only is she getting bigger, but she’s also quite squeaky. She squeaks at Kuro …