All the King’s Women

I Wants It

mood: feeling great
number of times I worked out this week: four! (miracle!)
number of oysters I had this week: sixteen

Got a good bit of writing done. The scenes aren't as fleshed out as I'd like, and I need to add more descriptions, etc., but they can come later.

Today's progress:

word count page count
previously written 29,045 143
newly written 4,386 21
total 33,431 146

And's the revolutionary laptop I want. :mrgreen:

I Heart Friday!

mood: feeling very well-rested
also heart: my new flannel pajamas :)

I totally forgot to update this last night because I was too sleepy. So here's the progress for Thursday:

word count page count
previously written 27,153 134
newly written 1,892 9
total 29,045 143

I got up at around noon today, ate a very lovely oyster lunch "set" from the riverside restaurant near my apartment. I did nothing, which felt a bit strange, but I feel very relaxed, which is great. I'm itching to get back to work tomorrow. :)

The Baby

mood: very very tired and sleepy

Today's progress -- again, this includes stuff from my pre-writing draft.

word count page count
previously written 19,280 95
newly written 7,873 39
total 27,153 134

By popular request...the baby! Peanut & Buttercup look exactly the same. This is when they were about three weeks old. Hero Material took the picture. Sorry for the not-so-great quality. The phone camera isn't all that great.


The Great Escape

mood: upbeat
workout: lower body; very tiring
treat for the day: a long soak (the gym has a big hot tub) and exfoliation

Today went better than yesterday on the writing front. Don't be shocked at the word count. I've been able to use stuff from my old pre-writing drafts, and I'm not editing as I write, so it's not as super-polished as drafts of people who revise as they go.

word count page count
previously written 6,247 30
newly written 13,033 65
total 19,280 95

I'm fairly happy with the progress and what I have so far. I think the character motivation, etc. is better explained. I may need to write a couple of new scenes to clarify villain GMC, but I'm going to wait until I'm done with this draft before I make the final determination.

Now on to the life stuff --

Last night, Kuro escaped. Hero Material realized that he was gone when he saw a hamster running around in the living room. (Other hamsters stayed in the cage like good lil rodents!) Kuro found the sunflower seed stash, so he went hog-wild and left piles of empty husks behind him. Furthermore, he managed to climb up the couch and took a bunch of tissue papers to make a nest behind the couch. I know I'm supposed to get mad at him for being a naughty boy, but he's absolutely precious. Besides how can you scold a hamster who looks at you with such big sparkly eyes? *sigh*

Hero Material and I know how Kuro managed to get out of the cage, so he can't repeat the experience. I guess that's punishment enough.

My 1st Working Day of the Year

mood: tired but feeling accomplished
currently working on: All the King's Women
dreamed last night: that I won a $30 million jackpot (lottery) and spent over two months consulting lawyers and CPAs to figure out how to minimize my tax liability and to set up multiple trust funds and develop an investment strategy; I got nothing written during that time and felt extremely guilty and had to call Agent and apologize for the lack of progress on my WIPs; unfortunately the dream ended before Agent could say anything...anyway it was a weird dream 8O

Got up very early this morning...(well...anything before 9:00 a.m. is early for me) and started working on the story. There's nothing like blood and love and sex and pain...well, you get the point.

I think it went okay, but I could've done better by concentrating more on the story. Sometimes I get slightly distracted. Also I'm not sure if I can continue to write over 6k / day. Usually the opening chapters are the easiest for me to write, so I'm sure things will slow down when I reach the middle / ending. Today's progress chart:

word count page count
previously written 0 0
newly written 6,247 30
total 6,247 30

On the hamster front -- Buttercup is ovulating today, and Kuro tried to hump her, and we had to separate the two. It's so wrong since Kuro is her daddy. Oi. Shiro's been very aggressive recently, and I'm wondering if she's abusing Peanut. To be honest, I think Buttercup is a bit scared of Shiro. But then Shiro is the white specter of hamster.

I had my first workout of the year. I did some easy stuff with 22 lb dumbbells, but my right delt is feeling very tight. Must stretch before going to bed.

How's everyone doing today?

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