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A Quick Update
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Not too bad for the day.

BTW — I’m like totally traumatized. I thought Shiro and Kuro were just wrestling around. But no. They’re actually in heat. Kuro’s been humping Shiro nonstop, and they are doing it in front of me (shameless!). Trust me, it’s …

Veteran’s Day, NaNo & Writing, Hamsters, the Big Three and Haikus…Oh My!

Happy Veteran’s Day! No matter how you feel about the current war, please do thank them. They’ve served our nation with their lives so we can enjoy our freedom.

On the writing front — I’ve given up on NaNo. It’s not that I hate it or anything…well…maybe. But ultimately it just wasn’t working for me. The current project requires a …

NaNo2008: Day 4 (and PSA)
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How’s everyone doing?

BTW — My site host is having a lot of problems with its email server. If you sent me an email requiring my response but haven’t heard back, please resend later or leave me a comment with your contact information, and I’ll …

NaNo2008: Day 3
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It took forever to get those pages down. I think I did my opening wrong.

How’s everyone else doing?…

NaNo2008: Day 2
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newly written8925

Not too shabby. I only wrote five pages, specifically because that’s all I’ve been planning to do anyway.

How about you?…

NaNo2008: Day 1
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newly written2,81614

Not too shabby, but I could’ve done better…

How’s everyone doing? BTW — Is it me or is the official NaNo site just s-l-o-w?…

Copyright Registration & NaNo

Devil FallsAs you know, Devil Falls is out. (Everyone, go buy a copy! 😉 ) Samhain doesn’t register copyright for the works it publishes, and so it was up to me to do it. And I did just now. It’s very easy to do by going to and it only cost $35. (BTW — there’s nothing fishy about Samhain not …

Glorious October and a Cute Hamster

Finally! After several days of endless rain, we have beautiful sunny weather! Yay to October!

I started working on the outline for All the King’s Women. I wasn’t going to do one, but I realized that maybe I should, esp. since it’s nothing like I’ve ever written before (historical fantasy romance). I spent most of the day filling out …