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My Letter to Democratic Party of Japan

Dear DPJ,

I’m sure you’re thrilled you finally managed to take the majority in the Diet. I’m sure you’re happy Aso resigned. I’m sure you’re ecstatic you put your man in charge of the country.


But seriously, must you hire twenty sound cars to blast how great you are at 9:00 a.m.? One car after another it was propaganda …

No Dumb Bonds

Before I begin: This post is not about politics. I’m talking about this from a purely financial point of view. Numbers. If anyone leaves comments with political hate-talk, they will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

As we all know, Americans don’t save much. That’s one reason why we have to borrow so much from China, Japan, etc., and it’s obviously …

Post-Election Bliss

status: I’m reading Fire in Fiction. It’s actually better than I expected, much more readable than Writing the Breakout Novel.

Yesterday Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (which BTW is neither liberal nor democratic) finally lost its grip on Japanese politics. Mind you, it’s taken…something like fifty years, but who’s counting?

Of course not everyone’s happy about it. There have …

Usain Bolt’s 9.58 Sec 100 Meter Dash

The man is incredible.…

I Think the School Girl Makes Everyone Else Uneasy

Forbes reported that the immigration case involving Noriko Calderon is making Japan uneasy. I’m not sure if the reporter has any clue.

The facts of the case are very clear and cut-and-dried:

  • The Calderons entered Japan illegally using forged passports.
  • They stayed in Japan illegally, again without any proper documentation. They never made any effort to get visas or

Cheap Gas and Green Cars

Now gas is dirt cheap again in the States. I heard that it’s going for $1.50 / gallon. This is great for many of us short-term as we ride out the current recession. But it’s a disaster if we let the cheap gas lure us into complacency and not innovate green technology, such as solar power, etc.


Because as …

The Closer, Poor Hamsters and “Free” Benefits

Hero Material and I’ve been watching The Closer recently, and who would’ve thought it would manifest in my subconscious?

A couple of nights ago, I had this weird dream that Kuro committed some kind of crime. I don’t even know what he did, but that’s not the point of my dream. The poor hamster was arrested, complete with teeny handcuffs. …

A Mixed Bag

It snowed in Japan. Burr. My city was saved from the horrible white stuff (I really don’t like snow), but the temperature’s falling rapidly. :( It’s going to be colder tomorrow.

On the writing front, I realized that I set up the entire fourth chapter incorrectly. It’s a shopping / planning / conflict sharpening chapter, and I know that part is …

Corporate Profit v. Consumer Desire for Cheap Stuff

Business Week recently published an interesting article titled “Obama’s Victory: A Consumer-Citizen Revolt”:

This column is dedicated to the top managers of American business whose policies and practices helped ensure Barack Obama’s victory. The mandate for change that sounded across this country is not limited to our new President and Congress. That bell also tolls for you. Obama’s triumph

Veteran’s Day, NaNo & Writing, Hamsters, the Big Three and Haikus…Oh My!

Happy Veteran’s Day! No matter how you feel about the current war, please do thank them. They’ve served our nation with their lives so we can enjoy our freedom.

On the writing front — I’ve given up on NaNo. It’s not that I hate it or anything…well…maybe. But ultimately it just wasn’t working for me. The current project requires a …