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Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée

The opening scene from The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée

The Billionaire's Forgotten Fiancée by Nadia Lee“I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.” Ginger Maxwell’s hand tightened around her phone as another of her clients canceled. They were going to lose their thirty percent deposit, but unless she could book replacements, she was screwed. It was the fifteenth—or was it sixteenth?—cancellation in the last few days, and that left her calendar blank for months.

Sighing heavily, she sat on her living room couch and buried her face in her hands. Think, think, think. Should she run some kind of promotion or sale? The deposits gave her a little leeway. Some couples might be looking for a last-minute wedding photographer. Anything to fill up her schedule.

The doorbell rang and she thought, Finally, my pizza. She pulled the door open and shoved a limp twenty-dollar bill out with one hand, her eyes and mind on the food. Just as she realized that there was no cardboard box, a cool voice said, “I don’t need your money.”

She looked up into the face of Dane Pryce, older brother of her former fiancé Shane. Her brain sputtered for a moment. Was this some kind of nightmare? Finally she managed to say, “What are you doing here? How do you even know my address?” She’d moved a month ago.

“It’s not like you’re in witness protection.” Annoyance put an edge to his tone. “If you hadn’t refused to talk to my assistant, I wouldn’t have had to come.”

She crossed her arms. “We have nothing to say to each other.” Shane’s parents had never cared much for her. His siblings had been nice enough, but ever since his sister had seen Ginger on a date with another man and called her names, she didn’t think the rest of Shane’s family had much in the way of warm and fuzzy feelings left for her.

Dane’s eyes grew hard. “Trust me. You’re the last person I want to hang out with.” He stepped around her and walked inside. Dressed in a ridiculously overpriced suit, he looked completely out of place in her modest one bedroom apartment.

Notes and memory cards were scattered everywhere on her dining table, and her laptop whirred, processing images. She cringed at the three old pizza boxes under the coffee table and shirts and shorts tossed carelessly over the back of her couch. She really should keep her place cleaner…except she hated cleaning.

“Pack your things and grab your passport,” Dane said, his gaze sweeping over the mess that was her apartment. “There’s a car coming in two hours.”

“For what?”

“For you to go to Thailand. There’s a jet waiting. Once you land, a driver will take you to our family vacation home.”

Her jaw dropped at his high-handedness. “I can’t just fly off to Thailand!”

“Of course you can. I’ll arrange for pizza to be delivered.” Dane gave her a frosty smile. “And you’ll be paid quite well for your time.”

She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. “Is somebody getting married in Thailand?”

He ignored her hostility. People were right. Ice water flowed in his veins. “I don’t particularly want you there, but Shane’s doctor recommended we send somebody. The requirement was that it be someone he’d had a positive relationship with for a long time.”

Doctor? She’d told herself she no longer cared about Shane. He’d betrayed her, treating her like he didn’t even know her when she’d gone to him. But her heart stuttered anyway, panic flooding through her body. “Is he all right?”

“He had a head injury. I sent some men, but he doesn’t want to come home, and none of us are in a position to drop everything and go. That leaves you.”

“I have a job,” she said, although that wasn’t technically true. Every one of the clients she’d booked for the next six months had cancelled…

“Is that a fact?”

She scowled as a thought crossed her mind. “Did you get my clients to cancel?” When he merely looked at her, outrage closed around her neck. “How dare you!”

“You’ll make more money from this than those wedding jobs. People have said a lot of things about me, but stingy isn’t one of them.”

“Just asshole and bastard.”

A corner of Dane’s mouth lifted. “And proud of it.”

She glared at him. “I can just wait you out. I have the money and resources.”

“And I have more of both. You aren’t going to win this one.”

As infuriating as that was, he was right. She wouldn’t win this one at all.

The Billionaire's Forgotten Fiancée by Nadia Lee“It’s hot and muggy in Thailand,” he said. “Pack accordingly.”

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Merry in Love: Blurb & Excerpt

Finally…! :)

Merry in Love (Hearts on the Line Book 6) by Nadia LeeDynamic and powerful, billionaire Daniel Aylster III wants to get rid of The Lloyds Development for mismanaging the construction of his latest hotel…until he meets its new CEO, Meredith Lloyd. It’s been ten years since he’s seen her, but his baby sister’s best friend has grown into an irresistible beauty.

A single mom determined to prove herself, Meredith refuses to let Daniel fire her company without giving her a chance to fix the problem first. Nothing is going to stop her from succeeding, not even her crazy attraction to Daniel.

Forced to work in close proximity, Daniel and Meredith realize they may have a saboteur in their midst. When their shadowy enemy makes a game-ending move, Meredith must reveal a devastating truth that could tear her family apart and cost her the only man she’s ever loved…


Uncorrected Excerpt

Daniel Matthew Aylster III walked through the barren field in the cemetery. The October air had unusually sharp teeth that bit through his coat—winter seemed overeager that year. But now that he was in northern Virginia again, he felt like he had to pay his respects.

Despite being outdoors, he felt a bit claustrophobic as the sky hung low, its clouds heavy and sullen. The evergreens added some color, and a man was raking leaves to keep the place tidy, but the dead probably didn’t care.

Daniel hadn’t been back since his sister’s burial. The memories of Judy still pained him, and he’d done his best to stay out of the country afterward.

Was there an afterlife? He’d like to believe so, and that Judy was happy…except he was a realist. This life was all there was. He wished there was something he could’ve done to make her happy, but that hadn’t happened. No, he’d been in Bali, while his sister had died in some hospital with no one but clinically professional people around her.

When Judy had died, the decision was made to bury her next to their mother in Virginia. Their father had ruined almost everything, but not this. Judy’s spirit—if it existed—was probably happy where she was, and Daniel had made sure her rest wouldn’t be disturbed by having their father next to her.

Their father was buried in Houston with his parents. It was his death that had brought Daniel back from Europe.

Daniel stood before the family graves. Judy had only been eighteen, so beautiful, so full of zest and mischief. He could still hear her laugh…and feel her tears. Their father had been an equal opportunist when it came to tormenting his children. Their stepmother had protected her own daughter by sending her to boarding school, but she’d kept Daniel and Judy in Houston to placate their father.

His hands clenched.

There was a fresh bouquet of flowers. Bright orange daisies and tiger lilies—Judy’s favorites. Guilt twisted in his gut. He’d never sent anything. It must have been their uncle Claude; he’d loved Judy as if she were his own daughter.

Daniel turned to go back to his car and bumped into a short, wiry man in his late fifties. “Sorry, sir,” Daniel said.

“Huh. You’re new.”

The man had a voice that reminded Daniel of old leather. Daniel looked at him. Gray hair puffed around a faded Redskins cap like cotton candy, and he wore dusty coveralls and carried landscaping tools. “Excuse me?” Daniel said.

“It’s always the woman who visits,” the man said, leaning on his rake and watching Daniel curiously.

A woman? Daniel couldn’t think of any woman who might have visited. “You are…?”

“Ted. The groundskeeper. Been working here since my thirties.” He sniffled. “It’s always the same woman who comes by every month. Thought it was a mother who’d lost her baby, except that’s no baby there.” He gestured at Judy’s grave, then sniffled again. “You best get going. There’s a storm coming. I can feel it in my bones.”

* * *

Meredith Lloyd placed her hands over the seat belt buckle as the private jet hit the runway. Her entire body tensed, twitchy as a sprinter at the starting line. As soon as the plane stopped, she jumped to her feet.

“Eager to see your son?” the cabin attendant teased.

“Yes. It’s been so long.”

Meredith gathered her purse and laptop bag, stuffed with extra paperwork, as the attendant opened the door. The air in northern Virginia was colder than that in Houston. Meredith pulled her coat closer as she hurried down the steps.

She hated the days away from her son Eric, but she couldn’t move him to Houston either. He loved his school and his friends, not to mention his favorite uncle had moved to the area. He’d be crushed if she took him to a new city.

She would never do that to her son.

Her gaze zeroed in on the waiting champagne-colored Mercedes. The driver, Nancy Elgerton, gave her a wide grin. Now there was a lovely sight. With a responding grin, Meredith broke into a trot—


—and stumbled, her heavy laptop bag unbalancing her further. A pair of strong, masculine hands righted her before she pitched head-first into the asphalt.

“Wasn’t expecting me?”

She looked up at the unforgettable face of Daniel. Tall and muscular, with the same shade of brown hair that her late best friend Judy had had, he was the only one who called her Merry. His sharp blue eyes seem to know her innermost secrets as he stared down at her. Her mouth dried, and her heart pounded, pumping so much blood into her head. Don’t panic. Maybe he doesn’t know everythingyet.

“What are you doing here?” she finally managed.

“Helping myself to some of your time, since you won’t see me any other way.”

Huh? She blinked a few times to clear her thoughts as sweat filmed her back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really.” His voice was drier than the sub-Saharan desert.

Suddenly realizing he still had his hands on her, she pulled back and hefted the laptop bag. “If you want to see me, make an appointment.”

“Tomorrow morning at nine.”

“But it’s Saturday.” She and Eric had started a new tradition of going over to her mother’s for brunch.

Something like relief mingled with contempt and condescension crossed Daniel’s handsome face. “Too precious to get out of bed before noon on the weekend? How do you plan to fix The Lloyds Development?”

She sucked in a breath. Her family business was struggling at the moment, but it was low of him to question her abilities like this. “That’s unfair.”

“Then meet me at nine tomorrow. I don’t have the time or inclination to play your game.”

Just like that her entire body went cold. He couldn’t know, could he? She stood stiffly, making sure there was enough distance between them. “Fine. Send me the location.”

“Your number?”


“Your number. I’m not dealing with your worthless assistant anymore.”

She rattled off her cell phone number. He didn’t have to be nasty about her assistant when it was probably just a miscommunication. This was one of the busiest times of the year for Meredith. “Happy?”

“For now. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” He walked away and disappeared into his limo. It pulled away in a stately fashion.

Nancy got to her just as her knees buckled. “Are you all right?” Nancy asked.

Meredith stared back at her, numb and unable to comprehend. Her heart thundered like a galloping Arabian, and she fought to take in air.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t try to stop him from talking to you. I thought you knew him.”

The deep anxiety in Nancy’s voice snapped Meredith out of it. This was Nancy’s first month as her driver, and she really needed this job. Meredith’s over-protective brothers had thought it was ridiculous of her to hire a mother with no chauffeuring experience. If she were a betting woman, she’d wager a million bucks that her “nothing’s too good for my family” brother Gavin had already hired somebody to spy on Nancy’s performance. Meredith wasn’t going to let Nancy and her four teenage sons suffer over her brothers’ over-the-top concern.

Meredith forced a smile. “I’m fine. He’s a brother of an old friend.” Somebody she’d never thought to see again. Ten years ago, the notion had left her joyless. Now that he was back in her life, she could feel dread unfurling in her belly.

Eyes searching, Nancy inclined her head and stared. The look probably worked well on her kids. Even Meredith wanted to squirm under the gaze.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Meredith said, clearing her throat. “I’m anxious to see my son.”

She had to hold him in her arms.


Release Date: October 2014

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Four Weeks Till Forever Excerpt: Chapter 1

FOUR WEEKS TILL FOREVER (The Pryce Family Book 1) by Nadia LeeHe’s never met a woman he wants to spend his life with…

The man: Billionaire playboy Mark Pryce.

The problem: A “real” date for his family’s Fourth of July party…or he’ll have to attend with the heiress his mother’s picked out for him to marry.

The woman: His best friend’s executive assistant, Hilary Rosenberg—the only one who can save him from this fate worse than death.

…she is convinced good men are a thing of the past.

Disillusioned by a series of painful relationships, Hilary has no interest in dating Mark—even as a pretense—for the next four weeks. He’s too sexy, too smart, altogether too attractive—and a sure bet to break her heart. But she owes him a favor, and she always pays her debts.

When their charade threatens to turn into a happily ever after, can a reformed playboy convince his wary Cinderella that fairy tale endings really can come true?


Chapter One

Exactly four weeks before his family’s Fourth of July party, Mark Pryce walked into Omega Wealth Management. He’d tried to come up with a solution on his own, but the problem wouldn’t go away. Only one person could bail him out of the mess he was in.

It was late, but he knew for a fact that Hilary Rosenberg rarely left at five.

A woman moved in his peripheral vision, and there she was. He turned to admire her. Unlike the other receptionists at the firm, Hilary was curvy, with generous breasts and hips that flared out in luscious slopes. She was dressed in a pastel mint-green blouse and cappuccino-colored pencil skirt that reached a single conservative inch below her knees. A simple updo revealed the kissable line of her neck. The only non-conservative item on her was a pair of sexy open-toe stilettos that improved the shape of her already gorgeous legs. He itched to reach out and touch her to see if she was as soft and sweet as he imagined, but he kept his hands to himself.

“Hi, Mark. You here to see Gavin?” Hilary walked past him to her desk. His body tightened at her delicious apple and cinnamon scent.

“Actually, I’m here to see you.”

“I wish you’d called first. I’m leaving right now to meet some friends at Z.” She dumped a thick stack of papers into her briefcase and picked up her purse and a gold-plated stainless steel travel mug etched with “A Woman Worth Her Weight in Gold.” Her boss Gavin had given it to her a few years ago on her birthday, saying it described her perfectly.

Her brisk tone pricked his pride. Most women fawned over him. “It won’t take long. We can talk in the elevator.” He offered her his arm and almost chuckled when she predictably pretended not to see it. Well, no problem. If she didn’t want to take his arm, he could do the next best thing—putting his hand at her elbow to guide her in a courtly gesture.

* * *

Generally, Hilary’s interactions with Mark were limited to simple two- or three-minute conversations, mostly consisting of polite greetings. He was a playboy, and she didn’t like playboys.

But she could see why other women succumbed to his charms. He was classically tall, dark and handsome with the clean profile his family was famous for. His blue eyes never failed to make her heart skip a beat, and his face often broke into a killer smile that was as lethal as a strychnine martini. Most importantly he wasn’t some brain-dead idiot who’d inherited all his money. His father had given him a sizable trust fund, but he’d more than quadrupled its value with some wise investment decisions and a series of highly successful restaurants.

God must’ve been in a really good mood when Mark had been conceived. Grossly unfair, but such was life.

As they stood waiting for the elevator, she felt his gaze on her shoes and legs and did her best to ignore the warm sensation slowly spreading upward from her ankles. “So… What do you want to talk about?” she said, keeping her eyes on the elevator doors.

“I need a date for my family’s Fourth of July party.”

An interesting choice of topic. Mark was well aware it wasn’t her job to provide him with dates. She sipped her coffee, taking her time…until he cleared his throat discreetly and rocked on the balls of his feet. She lowered the mug and took a deep breath. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“No. We broke up two months ago.”

“What a shame.” Not. Everyone knew Mark never dated anybody for more than three months.

“I know. That’s why I’m asking you.”

She choked on her coffee, and he pounded her lightly on the back. Wheezing, she drew away from him. “Are you serious?” she asked, looking into his eyes.

His gaze didn’t waver. “Yes.”

Why wasn’t he laughing at her gullibility? Her skin prickled. A serious yes was not the right answer to her question. She turned away, looking straight ahead. “Surely you can find someone before the fourth.” The mirror-like elevator doors reflected everything, and he made eye contact with her reflection. “You have a month,” she said into her mug.

“I could, but ‘someone’ won’t do. I need somebody Mom can’t intimidate or manipulate to get to me.”

“What’s your mother trying to do?” Everyone also knew that Ceinlys Pryce wanted her children to marry into impeccable families.

“She’s either giving my dates false hopes about marrying me or trying to get them to stay away.” Even as his tone remained even, he rolled his shoulders. “I can’t deal with that. Not all relationships were meant to go somewhere, and every time she tries to get them to leave me, they start clinging like scotch tape.”

The elevator arrived—finally!—and they stepped inside. Even with just the two of them, the interior seemed tiny today. She took a small step sideways to give herself more room. It didn’t help. She could see their reflections again, this time on the inside of the doors—how his tall, strong body towered over her and made her feel somehow protected. Every time she drew a breath, the clean scent of soap and warm masculinity teased her. Her stomach fluttered like it was keeping hundreds of butterflies prisoner.

Her fingers tightened around her mug. “I’m afraid I can’t help you.” She kept her tone brisk. The key was to discourage him before he could work his charms. “I have a boyfriend.”

“That doctor guy?”

“His name is Walt Goldstein, and he’s a pediatric surgeon,” she said, more sharply than she planned. Stable and staid, Walt was the perfect man for her. It’d taken years to find someone as wonderful as him, and no billionaire playboy was going to criticize him in her presence. “He saves babies’ lives.”

“He drives a Lexus with a license plate that reads BABYDOC.” Mark’s lips curled in the reflection. “Who gets a vanity plate with a Caribbean dictator’s nickname?”

She tried not to scowl. “It’s not like he’s Haitian. Not everyone thinks of Duvalier when they see BABYDOC.” She certainly hadn’t…until now.

“Fine. Let’s give him some credit and assume he really doesn’t know any better. He still misses dinner an awful lot.”

“And you track stuff like that.”

“I avoid giving tables to people who don’t show.”

Apparently, she and Walt had canceled one too many reservations at Mark’s restaurants. “I’m sorry,” she said stiffly.

“It’s not your fault. And I don’t think he’ll care if you go to some party with me on the fourth. There’ll probably be a baby he has to operate on that day anyway.”

She frowned. “Don’t be mean.”

“Oh come on, Hilary. There’s something odd about a guy who keeps cancelling.”

“Gavin,” she said, referring to her super-busy boss—and Mark’s best friend—”used to cancel his dates with his wife, but that didn’t mean he doesn’t love her.”

Mark smiled. “And what has your doctor given you to make up for canceled dates? A private jet, perhaps? A yacht?”

“He’s just doing his job.”

“And I’ve helped you do yours. So you owe me.”

Now that got her gaze swinging his way. “You have? I do?”

“Remember that special client luncheon you scheduled at Morrigan’s? They screwed up the reservation, so I let you guys into the VIP area at La Mer at the last minute?”

He moved so that they were only inches away from each other, his body radiating an inviting heat. She always knew his eyes were blue, but not that they were the shade of the sunny Pacific. They beckoned her to say yes to whatever he was proposing because he was going to make it amazing for her. Her breath caught, and she couldn’t speak through a hot lump in her throat. She should step away, but her legs felt like they were rooted in place.

“I bailed you out of a jam.” He gave her that disarming grin. “It’s time you do the same for me.”

“Even if I wanted to, nobody would believe I’m your date.” Her words tumbled out in a shaky whisper. She stole a glance at the floor number. Still only five. “I’m totally not your type.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it?” She managed to tear her gaze from his and stared at the elevator doors—and their reflections. His eyes hooded, he studied her exposed neck like it was a piece of art…or his favorite dessert. Licking her lips, she took another gulp of coffee.

Hilary wanted to say no. She was afraid this wouldn’t end well, but at the same time she did owe him one. He wouldn’t have asked her if he weren’t desperate, and she hated having unpaid debts. “If I do this, we’re even. No more calling in favors.”

“Of course not.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

He grinned, and her heart thundered boom-boom-boom at being the sole focus of his smile. She could only imagine what it would be like if he decided to point all his formidable charm her way.

Thankfully, the elevator stopped with a gentle lurch, and they walked out together. As they crossed the first-floor lobby, the back of her neck prickled, and she shivered and looked around. There was nothing except polished marble, glass and chrome…plus uniformed security guards…a few sharply dressed people leaving work…and Mark.

For the past several days, Hilary had felt like she was being watched, which was ridiculous. Who would stalk her? She was too boring to stalk, and she’d cleared all the deviants out of her life more than ten years ago.

A twenty-something woman stood up from a backless leather seat and started walking toward them. She had pretty golden hair that curled around her soft, fair face. A pair of widely set blue eyes sat over a small nose and Cupid’s-bow mouth that you normally only found on dolls. The pastel pink of her sundress further emphasized her youth and delicate beauty. Her gaze zeroed in on Hilary, and she snarled, “You bitch! You think you can steal my fiancé?”

“I’m sorry?” Hilary said.

“You should be! I was wondering about all those ’emergencies’ Walt’s been having recently, but guess what? When I called the hospital, they said he wasn’t there!”

Hilary’s mind blanked for a moment as she tried to process the situation, but her usually sharp brain refused to cooperate. She felt light-headed, like she was watching the scene happen in some faraway place to someone else who looked like her.

“Walt’s your…fiancé?” This couldn’t be real. It had to be some kind of sick joke.

The weight of several gazes pressed upon her, and she breathed deeply to clear her head. This was no time to panic.

“I found his texts and emails,” the other woman was saying, looking Hilary up and down. “I can’t believe it. What does he see in you?

Hilary flinched. “Look I had no idea… I didn’t know he was two-timing.”

“Oh come on! He’s a surgeon. Why wouldn’t some overpriced coffeemaker like you want him?”

That snapped Hilary out of the mental fog. “Don’t talk to me like that. I’m a victim here too.” Walt had talked about proposing. Of course he’d never mentioned he already had a fiancée!

“Lying bitch! Why would he want somebody as fat as you? It’s obvious what happened.” She launched herself, and Hilary jumped back. She hadn’t been in a fist-fight since her wild teenage years, and she certainly wasn’t getting into one now in the lobby of her workplace.

The other woman shrieked when a pair of strong hands gripped her arms from behind. “Miss, calm down,” Mark said.

“Let. Me. Go!” the other woman screeched, trying to twist around to face Mark. “This has nothing to do with you!”

“Yes, it does,” he said. “The woman you’re about to attack couldn’t possibly have stolen your fiancé.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s my girlfriend.”

The blonde stopped wriggling. “What?”

“I said, she’s my girlfriend.” Mark carefully let the woman go. “And let’s face it; why would she want your fiancé when she has me?”

Hilary watched the blonde study him and the trappings of his wealth. Every item Mark was wearing cost more than what most people made in a week. Then there were his irresistible good looks. Walt was a nice enough looking guy, but nothing compared to Mark. “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but I saw emails,” the blonde said, her voice considerably smaller and with less heat now. “They were meeting behind my back.”

“You’re making a scene. Walk away now unless you want me to have you thrown out.”

“You can’t do that!”

“Sure I can. This building is private property. And you’re trespassing.” He gave her a blinding smile, then gestured to the security guards, who had been watching the show with their mouths open. They moved forward.

“If you or your thugs lay another finger on me, I’ll sue!”

Hilary cringed. She didn’t want Mark to get into trouble because of her. It was already bad enough he’d lied for her, and the situation was beyond hellish as it was. She stepped forward to stop the blonde, but he pulled her to his side for a tight hug. Hilary didn’t even get a chance to react before he turned to the other woman. “Whatever you like. Leave your name with security so my lawyer can get in touch.”

“I work for a law firm, you know!”

“Marvelous. Then you’ve heard of Rosenbaum, McCracken, Wagner and Associates. I’ll have one of the partners call.”

She paled at the mention of one of the top law firms in the state and finally turned and left, one of the security men following closely behind. Hilary winced at the name dropping, but if it ended the show…

Mark turned to Hilary, and his gaze softened. He tucked a wayward tendril behind her ear. “You all right?”

Unable to speak, she nodded and pulled away from him. Thankfully, he released her. She smoothed her hair with trembling fingers as she tried to process what had just happened. Had she just been confronted by her boyfriend’s fiancée? Oh god. It was so obvious why Walt had promised to propose to Hilary.

She was an idiot with the worst judgment when it came to men, and they could tell by just looking at her. She was so naïve, she’d believe anything they said.

Just like her mom had gotten into trouble. Was it genetic?

There had to be something about her that broadcast how stupidly gullible she was. She’d chosen Walt with such careful consideration and thought. He was supposed to have been the one, her perfect man.

How could she have been so wrong?

“Hey, you look really pale. You need to sit down?” Mark said, laying a hand on her shoulder.

Aware of the audience, she forced a neutral tone and took a step back. Her mistake with Walt had blown up at work, but she wouldn’t let it affect her career. “Thank you for your help. It probably would’ve gotten a lot uglier without you.”

He smiled. “No problem. Sorry how it turned out.”

“No, it’s not your fault.” It was all hers.

“So…about my family party—”

“What?” She clutched her stuff in front of her like a shield. “No!”

Then she ran out as fast as she could.

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A Little Excerpt from Redemption in Love

Reunited in Love (Hearts on the Line Book 2)I’ve been skimming Redemption in Love (Hearts on the Line, Book 3) while formatting it and found this little gem between Gavin and Ethan. If you’ve read the second book, Reunited in Love, you know that Ethan did not follow his younger brother’s advice. :)

“So Kerri’s helping Meredith?”

“Yeah. It’s better this way. And before you start up about her being a spy for the enemy, she’s not. In fact, I’m going to propose to her as soon as I think of a suitably romantic way to do it.”

Gavin shrugged. “Buy her an island and hide the ring in the sand. That’s pretty romantic.”

Ethan stared at him. “Proportion, Gavin. A sense of proportion. If you happen to find one lying around on the sidewalk or something, you really should pick it up.”

Reunited in Love is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. Redemption in Love is coming out in February 2014.

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The Next Big Thing: Untitled Contemporary Romance (sequel to Carnal Secrets)

I saw this meme(?) over on Leah Braemel’s blog, and I wanted to participate (she tagged only one person and whoever wants to join the fun).

10 Questions:

What is the working title of your book?

None. I don’t always have a decent working title for the book until I’m done. I’m calling it “Kerri & Ethan” (the BFFs of h/H from Carnal Secrets). If you have any brilliant suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!!!!!

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I always wanted to write Kerri and Ethan’s story. I just needed a good idea that would work for both first.

What genre does your book fall under?

Contemporary romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

I have no idea for Ethan Lloyd (hero) because I actually found a stockphoto that I thought was a good representation of him. Maybe Matt Damon (I’m very partial to his acting).

As for Kerri Wilson (heroine), Christina Hendricks.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

A driven woman, who copes with fear of rejection by seeking companionship and intimacy from men she won’t form any long lasting attachment to, has a fling with an arresting man who wants to strip her to her very soul.

Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

I’ll send it off to my agent when it’s ready and see where we want to sub it to (or self-pub). It’ll depend on how we can reach the most number of readers. :)

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

About a month, but I spent four weeks on character sheets and plotting, etc. before I started drafting it.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I’m a terrible judge of this since I’m so biased. I’d say any really sexy contemporary romance novels with boss/employee, well-meaning matchmakers and a horrible family scandal that kicks off the story.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

My Husband Got a Family. It’s a very long Korean drama, but I loved it so much.

What else about your book might interest the reader?

If you like reading about a sexy billionaire whose greatest strength and weakness is his intense need to provide for those he loves and a woman who has everything but a job, home and man, you’ll enjoy Ethan and Kerri’s story.

Mini Excerpt:

This is an unedited except. It may be changed or even deleted from the final book.

“I see.” Kerri nodded. She wasn’t too worried about the job itself. She knew she could handle it. But the rest of the package she wasn’t so sure about. A place to live. A no-strings-attached temporary arrangement with a guy who made her wet with just a look. “I need to think about it.”

“I understand.” Ethan glanced at his watch. “I’ll give you a minute.”

“A minute?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Not really a difficult decision, is it? Just a yes or a no.”

“Can I take the job but refuse to live with you?”

“Sorry. Package deal.”

Of course.

He rose and came over to her seat. One large hand rested on the back of her chair and another on the table, effectively trapping her. The blood in her veins warmed and surged. If he pulled back just a little and bent his head, he could kiss her mouth. That seemed like a delicious option, and she angled her face just so, letting her lips part slightly in invitation.

He didn’t even flicker an eyelash. No, he wouldn’t kiss her no matter how blatant the signal…not unless she gave him the answer he wanted.

Did she want to sever whatever connection they had?

Manageable or not, he wasn’t going to be a permanent fixture in her life. He’d be a temporary arrangement—a fling. After her doctor’s orders had rendered virtually all of life’s pleasures off-limits, surely she could indulge just a little bit? Ethan’s family’s business couldn’t be that complicated; it wouldn’t take more than a few weeks to go through their books.

“Time’s up,” he said. His eyes were locked on hers.

He hadn’t even glanced at his watch.

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