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V-Day Contest

I’m participating so I thought I’d post the schedules & rules. :)

February 3, 2009 = Danielle Devon, Divinity in Chains
February 4, 2009 = T.A. Chase, Out of Bounds
February 5, 2009 = Rita Oberlies, The Catcher and the Lie
February 6, 2009 = Kimberly Nee, Eden’s Pass
February 7, 2009 = Dawn Brown, Living Lies
February 8, …

I Wants It

mood: feeling great
number of times I worked out this week: four! (miracle!)
number of oysters I had this week: sixteen

Got a good bit of writing done. The scenes aren’t as fleshed out as I’d like, and I need to add more descriptions, etc., but they can come later.

Today’s progress:

word count page count
previously written 29,045 143

Many Things, Small and Big

I think Shiro’s pregnant. Shiro and Kuro didn’t mate on Thursday, like they were supposed to if Shira had been ovulating. Also they’ve been hoarding a ton of food, even though I always give them plenty to eat. Hero Material is absolutely thrilled that we’re going to have baby hamsters. My feelings are a bit mixed. It was a bit …

I Am 55% Pirate!

You Are 55% Pirate

Garrrr, yer a true pirate down to yer bones.
Yer an originial sea dog, an’ ye certainly have earned yer sea legs.
No one be goin’ to accuse ye o’ bein’ a landlubber.
Ye got yer eye on the prize, an’ yer willin’ to go pillagin’ fer some booty.

Would You Make a Good Pirate?

Corporate Profit v. Consumer Desire for Cheap Stuff

Business Week recently published an interesting article titled “Obama’s Victory: A Consumer-Citizen Revolt”:

This column is dedicated to the top managers of American business whose policies and practices helped ensure Barack Obama’s victory. The mandate for change that sounded across this country is not limited to our new President and Congress. That bell also tolls for you. Obama’s triumph

Why Japanese Students Are Good at Science…!

They have awesome study guides! (Photos courtesy of

One of the many study guides you can find everywhere in Japan. This one is for high school chemistry.

chemistry study guide

Meet Lady Hydrogen. Isn’t she hawt?

Lady Hydrogen

Or maybe Lady Magnesium is more to your taste? She’s a tough kickass girl. Just look at her gun!

Lady Magnesium

Who says molecular diagrams need to …