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Honeymoon Day 6 Part 2: Crouching Humans, Sleeping Tigers

Manop thought we ought to go to Tiger Kingdom after Maesa Elephant Camp. We weren’t sure at first, but since it was on the way back to the city, we decided to stop by. Besides we were getting hungry, and Tiger Kingdom has a restaurant.

It’s a bit pricey to get inside Tiger Kingdom. I think it’s because it costs …

Honeymoon Day 6 Part 1: Maesa Elephant Camp

The next morning Hero Material and I got up early for our taxi. We were a little worried that the driver might show up late, but he came on time. And to make it even better, he spoke great English and knew a lot about tourist attractions, etc. The best thing about it was that his rate was very reasonable, …

Honeymoon Day 5: Chiang Mai!

Hero Material and I made our way to the airport — this time Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort arranged for it — and got there in one piece and with plenty of time to spare. Phuket airport is one of the worst I’ve ever been to, alas. It’s nowhere near as nice as Bangkok, Incheon or Narita.

One thing I …

Honeymoon Days 3 and 4: The Name Is Bond, James Bond

On Day 3 Hero Material and I got up super early for our breakfast (again at the buffet) and went to the lobby to go to the dock. The shuttle was actually on time. Yay! And the weather was fantastic — sunny and beautiful albeit hot.

First we went to Ko Khai Nai for snorkeling. The island is beautiful.

Ko Khai Nai: island

Ko Khai Nai: island

And …

Honeymoon Day 2: Beach, Storm, Food!

After a good night’s sleep, Hero Material and I decided to get some grub and check out the pools and the private beach.

This is the view from our breakfast buffet table.

view from buffet table

And our superb breakfast food.


The breakfast buffet was very good. It’s pricey — about 600 baht / person (1 USD = 30 baht) plus 10% service charge …

Honeymoon Day 1: To Thailand

Hello world!

Hero Material and I are back from our honeymoon to Thailand. It was very lovely, very hot and very interesting.

We flew out of Fukuoka. Random trivia for those with an adolescent humor psychosis: the three letter code for the airport is FUK. I still think SUX (Sioux airport) is the worst though, since it not only has …