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Journal 10+

journal 10+At the end of every year, I feel like I got nothing done with my life, though Hero Material tells me that isn’t so. He says I have a very warped idea about what I’m doing most of the time. Obviously our perceptions and reality don’t always mesh, but surely there are better / easier ways to keep track.

But annual journals seem inconvenient. I just don’t want to read through tons of journal pages to learn what I did…say, three years ago.

Recently, I listened to a workshop tape on organization, in which Robin Lee Hatcher recommended that we use a daily journal called Journal 10+ to keep track. It’s designed to keep ten years’ worth of information. She said it’s not that pricey, and you can see how you did each year as you make your daily notations.

According to the product description:

Our Daily Page is the heart of Journal 10+. Record your activities, thoughts, feelings & memories. Each Daily Page covers a single date. The page is divided into 11 sections, one for each year, with four lines for each individual daily entry. Enough room to record the day’s events without the burden of creating a lengthy entry. Each year you will record your entry for that date on the same page, and so you get to look back and relive all your wonderful memories from past years.

You can order directly from the manufacturer’s site, but despite what the ordering page says, they do not ship overseas. (I had to email and ask when they didn’t send me the shipment information.) You must order from Amazon using this page.

I’ll post more later about what I think. But right now, I think the product will be worth the money.