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I’ve been sort of blue recently because my netbook Samsung NC10 has become obsolete. That is to say…its OS became obsolete. It came with Windows XP. :(

It really sucks since I like the portability and sometimes I want to go out into the wild (ok…let’s say a cafe with A/C and my favorite chocolate croissants, nothing too crazy LOL) to write. I have a 13″ laptop (also from Samsung), but it’s my workhorse unit. Which means I didn’t buy it for portability or battery power or anything. I bought it purely so I can leave it at home as a desktop replacement. It’s hooked to something like eight different peripheral devices, so you can imagine how cumbersome it is to unhook them all then plug them back in every time I want to take it somewhere.

Anyway, it turns out that NC10 can run the most basic Windows 7 (Home Premium 32-bit). I upgraded its RAM years ago, so it’s good to go on that front. Plus I don’t have to tinker with the Windows 7 DVD to create an ISO file since I already have an external optical drive. (I bought that a while back…can’t even remember why…)

Sooo…I just ordered Windows 7 from Amazon US, which should be here during Golden Week! W00t!!!!! *nerdgasm*