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Three hot love stories — the billionaire members of the powerful Pryce family find love in unlikely places in these emotional romances.

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The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride Is Out!

The Billionaire's Holiday Bride (The Pryce Family Book 6) by Nadia LeeBillionaire Iain Pryce is marrying the love of his life, Jane Connolly, on Christmas Eve. So what happens when Jane’s father insists on paying for the wedding, Salazar and Ceinlys butt heads over how the ceremony should go, and Dane tries to get Sophia to accept his proposal and give him the forever he so desperately wants?

Note 1: The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride takes place between Chapters Forty-Five and Forty-Six from The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire. Therefore, all the events in The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride occur before Sophia accepts Dane’s marriage proposal.

Note 2: This is a holiday reunion story with an ensemble cast to catch up on your favorite couple(s). Watch Iain and Jane pledge their lives to each other, and Salazar and Ceinlys settle their differences once and for all. Get this title only after you’ve read other books in the Pryce Family series.

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Now in Audio: The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend (The Pryce Family Book 1)

The Billionaire's Counterfeit Girlfriend by Nadia LeeCurvaceous beauty Hilary Rosenberg doesn’t believe in love. She only goes out with nice guys who won’t expect passionate romance—until a notorious womanizer demands she repay a favor with four weeks of counterfeit dates.

Billionaire playboy Mark Pryce doesn’t do relationships. In fact, he’s never been with the same woman for more than three months. But when his matchmaking mother tries to sabotage his bachelorhood, he needs a stand-in girlfriend. Luckily, Hilary owes him big time. But as they start to spend more time together, he finds himself wanting to break his first rule: never get too close…

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Double Cover Reveal

A Hollywood Bride – the second book in Billionaires’ Brides of Convenience series featuring Ryder and Paige. This book does not contain a cliffhanger ending.

A Hollywood Bride (Billionaires' Brides of Convenience, Book 2) by Nadia Lee

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The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride – The Pryce Family holiday reunion story to be out later this year.

The Billionaire's Holiday Bride (The Pryce Family Book 6) by Nadia Lee

Preorder: iBooks

About the Pryce parents…

I got more than a few emails and messages, etc. about the Pryce parents. The short answer is I don’t know.

I feel bad that’s all I can say for certain. I know it sounds totally crazy when I tell you that I don’t know. You’re probably thinking, “But Nadia, aren’t you the author, so you know everything about what’s going to happen?”

The answer is no. I know very little. I know as much as my characters want to tell me. The whole secret about Vanessa? I didn’t know that until I was writing that scene. Why Shane really left? I didn’t know that until I hit the part where he went to Ginger’s parents’ house. I knew nothing about Dane’s background until I was writing the 5th draft of The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire. (Yes, he was that tight-lipped, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why the book was two months late. Thankfully Sophia was much more open about herself, and my dev editor talked me out of throwing my laptop out of the window.)

The only thing I know for certain is that the main couples in my books get their HEA no matter what. <3