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Rocky Mountain Heart

Roberts of Silver Springs, Book 8

Emma is happy living her life as the owner of Books ’N Beans, the dream coffee shop/bookstore she opened in her home town of Silver Springs. That is, until a man roars into town on a Harley to take over the radio station next door. And, this isn’t just any man…

Cooper Levine has a past he wants to get away from, where memories and pain keep trying to pull him under. He needs to go somewhere where he can start over, and give the one person in his life he cares about a better chance than he was ever given himself.

When he spots Emma Roberts, the only girl who wouldn’t go out with him all those years ago when he’d show up in town, he’s determined to turn that around.

After spending time together, he wonders if he can trust her not to run when he reveals the shame of his past? Will secrets threaten to destroy their chance at a future?

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