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That Sexy Stranger

January 30, 2018

Sweet Darlings Inc., Book 2

A sweet and sexy standalone romantic comedy!

The Romans had carpe diem; I have carpe David.

You know what’s frustrating about the love of my life? He thinks he’s in love with someone else…and has been dating her for five years! I know, right?

Then they suddenly break up. And he and I are on the same business trip. My chance to convince him we’re meant to be!

Except when I go to his suite in my sexiest lingerie and with my sexiest toys, David’s gone. Instead, there’s some guy who thinks I’m the evening’s professional entertainment.

As if!

Walking out of the room should’ve been the end of it…

…until that man, Luke, shows up again, ostensibly to return something I left behind. (A sex toy…a very very dirty one…)

…and refuses to go away because we apparently have “chemistry.” And okay, he’s admittedly hot, but there’s more to a relationship than chemistry, right…?

What have I done to deserve this?

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