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Roberts of Silver Springs

The Roberts of Silver Springs is a series with five authors, including yours truly, focusing on a family in Silver Springs, Colorado.

There are three brothers, who have ten children between them. We will be focusing on the lives and loves of those ten children. The incredible Kirsten Osbourne is kicking off the series with the book Rocky Mountain Mornings on March 3, 2017. The second book will be written by the amazing Cassie Hayes and releases on March 10, the third by Kay P. Dawson on March 17, and the fourth by me on March 24. The fifth will be by Ciara Knight on March 31. Then we'll continue once per week through all ten cousins! (Skipping Good Friday.)

Do you want to ask questions? Interact with the writers? Be in the know? We have a new group created for just this series: Silver Springs Society! Join us today!

Just so you know -- These are "clean" stories, which means they have no explicit sex or cursing. It's a departure from my usual fare, but it still has all the feels and yummy heroes and sweet heroines you expect from my love stories. :)

To distinguish my sweet romance from my explicit romance, I'm adding an S to my author name, so any book written as Nadia S. Lee will be a sweet, non-explicit romance.

The series is also available on Kindle Unlimited. So you're welcome to read it using your membership if you'd like, or buy a copy if you aren't in KU.

Rocky Mountain Mornings by Kirsten Osbourne

Rocky Mountain Mornings

Roberts of Silver Springs, Book 1

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Rocky Mountain Hero by Cassie Hayes

Rocky Mountain Hero

Roberts of Silver Springs, Book 2

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Rocky Mountain Soul by Kay P. Dawson

Rocky Mountain Soul

Roberts of Silver Springs, Book 3

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Rocky Mountain Bride by Nadia S. Lee

Rocky Mountain Bride

Roberts of Silver Springs, Book 4

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