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Go American swimmers! Special congratulations to the U.S. men’s relay team for their gold. I couldn’t believe they won. It was such a close race, and I was pretty sure the U.S. men wouldn’t win. Subarashi!!!!!

It’s been incredible to watch all the main events live. I’ve also stayed up to watch the opening ceremony, which was just stunning.

Funnily enough, several of my friends asked me who I was rooting for? Japan or America.

It’s so hard for me to say. I like all of them. I’m also cheering for South Korea. To me, nationality isn’t important. What’s important is that they did their best (and NO DOPING!).

BTW — am I the only one irritated at the media’s report of Dara Torres’s possible doping? The woman is phenomenal at forty-one, and so many people are saying she must be doping or doing something illegal. She has never failed a drug test, and voluntarily keeps her urine and blood samples at some third-party testing facilities for any future drugs. The idea being promoted here — that a woman over forty should just be an unfit housewife or something — is insulting. Torres should be admired, not speculated upon.