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Dresses! Dresses!

Took some time off late this afternoon to select the wedding gown and banquet dress for my upcoming wedding. I can’t believe this, but it took me two hours. Thankfully the staff at the rental store was very nice and didn’t mind working with my less than perfect Japanese. K-san was uber-helpful, and I was able to choose accessories, etc. to go with my dresses.

May got to see the pictures, and she really likes the wedding gown, although the banquet dress seems “meh” to her. I had a choice between a frou-frou red dress and a less frou-frou spaghetti strap white/sky-blue one, and chose the latter. I really can’t do frou-frou well. I may if the rental shop allows me to revisit the banquet dress issue. Hmm.

Oh, and since May said I look “tiny, slender and pretty” in the pictures despite the fact that I only had powder and pale pink lipstick on my face, she’s now officially my favorite person.

BTW — in case anyone’s wondering why I’m not just buying a wedding gown — it costs over $1k to rent one in Japan. Now figure out how much it’s going to cost to buy one.