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Missing Something

I wrote a new chapter for The Last Slayer, and something’s missing. I can’t decide what…but I can’t end it the way it is. Hmm.

I think I kinda sorta know what it is. Need to sleep on it and read it again.

The New Design…

…is now up.

What do you think? :)

The Things My Characters Say…

I can’t believe Character A is being so…politically incorrect.

But I can’t imagine A being politically correct.


P.S. My hair is still wet. Will report the final result later.

Oiling My Hair for the First Time

May told me that oiling will keep long hair soft and healthy. Her hair is very long (waist-length) and so is mine. What I hate about my hair is that the tip gets drier and drier, no matter the length. So I usually do some treatment, etc., but it never seems enough.

Anyway, I decided to oil my hair tonight. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll report the result tomorrow morning after I shampoo my hair.

BTW — I wonder if I should use conditioner after I wash out the oil. My hair tangles very easily. Hmmm.

Update (August 20): I had to shampoo three times. My hair’s finally dry. It’s very soft and silky. Much more manageable than before. I like. I used sesame oil last night. Will try olive oil next.

Was Liukin Robbed?

I guess some people got really angry that Liukin didn’t get the gold medal (uneven bars). China’s He did.

Their scores were identical, but the tiebreaker gave the medal to He. So many Americans (not all, of course) are complaining about the decision. But here’s the thing.

  1. The tiebreaker wasn’t just something that the IOC or FIG just made up on the spot to favor He.
  2. If the tiebreaker had given the gold medal to Liukin, all the complainers from the States would’ve been like “W00t! Go Liukin!”

Liukin handled the final decision like a true Olympian. Can others do the same?

It’s Coming…

…my new site that is!

I hired Frauke (CrocoDesigns) to make a WP Template for me. I saw the preview of it, and was very happy. I called my agent to her and to get her feedback should she have any, and she was very complimentary.

I hope I didn’t scare Frauke with my epic novel…I mean, er…feedback. And I really wish she didn’t think I hated the design, because that wasn’t true at all. I was like “Squee!!!! WOW!!!!” I used to write 400+ pages’ worth of feedback for one website, etc. for my corporate client projects. Even though I quit four years ago, the habit seems to have stuck.

I can’t wait to have the new design go live. *squee~*

P.S. I’ll be posting about the designer selection process in September.