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Things I’ve Done This Week So Far
  • Finished Ashwyn. It needs to sit and percolate a little more before I look at it for rewrites.
  • Started outlining My Big Novel Project #1 (MBNP1).
  • Wrote an online florist to file a complaint over a gift I ordered for my parents. The flowers were unsatisfactory. The florist offered to resend and refund my money, in addition to giving me a $20 credit. We’ll see how the replacement looks. (Thank God, they were sent to Mom, who isn’t shy about complaining. I’m just glad they weren’t sent to professional colleagues or something…)
  • Went to a local glasses shop to get my lenses recut. (Must go pick those up on Saturday…)
  • Started watching Rome Season 2.
  • Uploaded more pictures to my wedding photo gallery.
  • Got my hair cut — about 3.5 inches gone.
  • Did a rehab session.
  • Went to the gym.

It’s only Thursday now, so I have one more day or two of writing time. Saturday and Sunday are going to be tough tough tough because I have to work all weekend, plus have dinner with Hero Material and some friends who couldn’t make it to our wedding.