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The Pryce Family

Five novels and one novella.

  1. The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend
  2. The Billionaire’s Inconvenient Obsession
  3. The Billionaire’s Secret Wife
  4. The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancee
  5. The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire
  6. The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride

All the books, except The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride, are stand alones, although you may enjoy them more if you read them in order.

I hate to say it, but I have no idea. *cringe* I like Nate, but I haven’t found the right woman for him yet. Sometimes my characters want to have their stories told, so they bug me like crazy, but sometimes they just decide to stay under the radar. Right now, Nate’s trying very hard to stay off the green screen. I know it sounds odd that I’m talking about them like they’re real people, but they are to me, esp. when I’m in the middle of plotting or writing about them.

Okay, so here’s a simple chart for you to refer to. The children are listed by birth, from the oldest to the youngest. I hope this helps.

The main Pryce family line

Salazar Pryce — Ceinlys Glazier
Dane Pryce
Iain Pryce
Mark Pryce
Shane Pryce
Vanessa Pryce

* Salazar has an illegitimate son Blaine Davis.

You can see the diagram here.

The Pryce cousins — the Reeds

Julian’s first marriage to Salazar’s younger sister

Julian Reed — Geraldine Pryce
Blake Pryce-Reed
Ryder Pryce-Reed
Elizabeth Pryce-Reed

Julian’s second marriage

Julian Reed — Betsy Ford
Elliot Reed (twins)
Lucas Reed (twins)

* Julian has four more wives, but no more children.

Betsy’s second marriage to Julian’s half brother

Rick Reed — Betsy Ford
Sophia Reed

You can see the diagrams for this branch of the family here.

Billionaires in Love

Probably not. They were meant to be a secondary couple, and to be honest, the fact that they hooked up was a surprise to me since I hadn’t planned to make them a couple. But it seemed like they would be perfect for each other, and you know… Barron really needs a no-nonsense woman who can keep things in perspective for him. ;)

But if I ever find the time to write short novellas (I can’t guarantee anything this year–my schedule’s really packed with writing, plus two extended trips), I might feature them more. I’ll announce it here and on my facebook page if it comes about. :)

Yes. They will get a proper wedding, even though Kerri prefers to elope. And there, you’ll get to see Amandine and Gavin, a little bit of Alex (Ethan’s best man) and Natalie (Kerri’s maid of honor) and a very brief glimpse of Pete and Brooke. And the wedding takes place in Forever in Love.

Yes. It’s revealed in Forever in Love. I’ve been carrying some of the minor subplot threads from book to book because the second, third and fourth books happen in a fairly short time period (not even a full year). For example, Reunited in Love and Redemption in Love are stories that are taking place concurrently, more or less. So there hasn’t been that much time to do the full audit and so on.

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