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Lovely June

May was a super busy month. I have no idea what I was thinking, joining MayNoWriMo while doing the uber-challenging (but also uber-rewarding) mentorship with Kate Pearce.

But the good thing is I got a lot of writing done. Finally I’m finished with my sooper-sekrit project set in futuristic Paris and Shintokyo (New Tokyo) to the point where I’m satisfied with all the major plot / character arcs. I also edited a short erotic novella and sent it off to Agent, wrote the first draft of a paranormal romance novella plus a synopsis for the sequel.

On the non-writing front — I’m sure you’ve noticed that my site looks different. Frauke from CrocoDesigns worked her magic again. It’s amazing that she knew exactly what I wanted even though my emails were somewhat vague. If you ever need a web designer, definitely check her out. She’s just fantastic.

Also say hello to Miss Moneypenny (Dragon Naturally Speaking 10). I’ve been having problems with wrist and hand pain, and I figured I should learn to dictate. If nothing else, I can “speak” dialogue out loud, so I don’t have too much downtime due to pain. I honestly don’t mind having pages and pages of dialogue to go back and fill out later with descriptions and tags, etc. And now that I have a new helper, I need to train her so she can transcribe correctly.

(BTW — Amazon has an incredible deal on Dragon 10 right now. So if you’re interested in trying it, you may want to check out Amazon’s price.)


Finally, I uploaded A Happily Ever After of Her Own on Amazon Kindle. Several people asked me about its availability in the Kindle format, and I decided to just go ahead and do it. It’s still available on my site for free to my newsletter subscribers, but if you want the convenience of reading it on your Kindle, you can get it. (Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t allow individual authors to give away stuff via Kindle, so I had to price it at ninety-nine cents, the lowest allowable.)

Later this month I plan to give away a copy of Kate Pearce‘s Kiss of the Rose, the first book in her Tudor Vampire Chronicles. Vampires in Henry VIII’s court — what more can paranormal and/or historical fans can ask for?

Stayed tuned for your chance to win!

(FYI – The giveaway is open to anybody anywhere in the world. I don’t have any author copies or ARCs; BookDepository will ship a copy to the winner when Kiss of the Rose is released.)

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  1. Renmiu
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    Well, heloo Ms. Moneypenny :D haha

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