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Seven Things I’m Grateful For in 2012

Instead of my usual how I’m doing with my writing and life, I decided to post about what I’m grateful for this year. :)

  1. My awesome family for being supportive and fabulous, despite a lot of ups and downs this year.
  2. My great writing buddies, esp. M&M Writers — Amanda Bonilla, Amanda Carlson, Shawntelle Madison and Sandy Williams.
  3. Book bloggers and reviewers and Twitter and Facebook buddies for great book recommendations, wonderful conversations and support.
  4. My agent for being awesome and patient.
  5. My readers who are just plain awesome (and have excellent taste! :) )
  6. Romance Divas and the Indie Romance Ink gang for invaluable information and keeping me sane.
  7. Finishing house hunting, which was extremely stressful and took a reeeeally long time!

I’m hoping for a healthier and more productive 2013. (I was sick 9 out of 12 months in 2012.) And I can’t wait to move in 2013! :D