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PSA: Credit Card Phishing / Fake eBook Seller

There is a site called epubpdfbook dot com. It’s a pirate site that is pretending to be a retailer. It claims to sell everything for $1.99 or so. But once you enter your credit card info, it won’t allow you to download anything. You have to wait for somebody on their side to email you the book.

That’s a huge red flag. Any legit e-commerce site should have it set up so that order fulfillment is automatic. There are many economical service providers that do the credit card processing and digital order fulfillment.

My guess? This site is basically a credit card phishing site. So please beware of this. And if there’s a site that has deals too good to be true, check to make sure it’s legit first. There are so many scammers and hackers that try to steal data.