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Random House to Authors: All Your eRight Are Belong to Us!

Random House decided that all your eright are belong to us them. According to Publishers Weekly:

A letter sent to agents Friday by Random House chairman Markus Dohle has renewed the debate about who controls the right to publish the e-book editions of older backlist titles. In his letter, Dohle makes clear that RH believes the “vast majority” of

Wanted: Accountability Partners

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this video on YouTube. It’s about forming a weekly accountability group. Please watch it if you’d like:

Okay. Done? :)

I think it’s a brilliant idea to have an accountability group with goals that are tailored to individual members. I’ve been in groups like “100 words a day” or something, which is great for …

Harlequin Horizons = Vanity Press

I’m sure many of you have heard that RWA has decided that Harlequin Enterprises, as a whole, is no longer a non-vanity / subsidy publishing house.

So many people seemed confused about why many writers are unhappy about the Harlequin Horizons situation. I do not believe that Harlequin Horizons is a true self-publishing house. It’s really a vanity press, no …

My Impression of WriteWayPro

A couple of people asked me if I’ve ever used WriteWayPro and if so, what I think of it.

It’s my fourth day using the program. I think it’s a fine program, and it does what you want it to do.


  • Everything you need for your writing project is right there on the screen, so it’s very easy to

Great Deal for Writers Using Windows

Scrivener has a deal for NaNo, but they don’t offer a Windows version. For those of us who use Windows, we’re SOL.

Well…not really. 😉

If you want something similar for Windows, try WriteWayPro. You can download the demo and try it out for thirty days. I’ve heard good things about it from a lot of writers, including Larissa

Crazy Pirates!

Recently Larissa Ione got emails from people telling her how much they hate her, blah blah blah, because the illegal copies of her books they downloaded infected their computers with a nasty virus. Seriously, what’s up with the sense of entitlement? How can they steal from her then get mad that things went wrong? (Because downloading illegal copies = stealing, …

How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot Before You Even Get a Chance to Get It in the Door

status: I’m feeling more positive since I realized that I can salvage about thirty pages or so out of the eighty plus I’ve written on the earlier pre-writing draft (WIP).

music: “It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia

On today’s #askagent, someone asked if agents check a potential client’s blog before offering. Colleen Lindsay responded:

Always. And I

Wanna Write a Book in 2 Weeks?

I’m planning to do fast draft for my WIP 1st draft. Basically this is how it works for those of you who’ve never done fast draft before.

You write 20 manuscript pages* a day for 14 days. That’s it. That’s your fast draft. (For the math-impaired, you’ll end up with a 280 page manuscript, which is about 70k, assuming that …

Samsung NC10 Review

Joely asked me to share my thoughts on Samsung NC10, so I figured it’s about time I post something.

The unit’s very solidly built. It does not feel cheap like some other brands I’ve seen. The keyboard is non-chiclet, large, and types very nicely. (FYI — I really don’t care for the chiclet keyboards that seem to be so …

If You Want to Know How Much Money NYT Bestsellers Make…

…check out Lynn Viehl’s post on the reality of a NYT bestseller.…