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“Small Press v. Self-Publication” Is Up

I’m discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having a publisher versus doing it all on your own on Love Romance Passion today. Please come check it out!

“Walking Away Can Be Hard” Is Up

I’m discussing the emotional impact walking away (from an offer) can have on writers on Kait Nolan’s blog today. Please come check it out!

“Read the Fine Print” Is Up

I’m discussing the importance of reading contracts carefully and why I ended up declining a publisher’s offer to publish Carnal Secrets on Zoe Winters’ blog today. Please come check it out!

“How to Format Your Manuscript for Kindle and Nook” on Smashwords

How to Format Your Manuscript for Kindle and Nook by Nadia LeeI’ve been getting lots of inquiries about how I convert my manuscripts to Kindle or Nook recently. So yesterday, I put up a step-by-step guide for formatting your manuscript on Kindle and Nook entitled (appropriately enough) How to Format Your Manuscript for Kindle and Nook on Smashwords. It’s an expanded version of my blog post on the same topic. Since I wrote that post, I’ve done three more conversions and learned a lot from each experience. I wanted to share lessons learned, tips, etc. to make it as easy as possible for people to follow along and create an ebook that has a cover, table of contents and so on. (I don’t like ebooks that come without a cover, though in some cases it can’t be helped.)

The guide assumes that you have some basic knowledge of HTML, such as tags for paragraphs, headings and italics. But you don’t need to code from scratch since the guide contains lots of snippets of code that you can easily copy and paste. (It’s all done for you!) This should prevent any odd errors due to typos, etc. In addition, my understanding is that Smashwords allows buyers to download updated versions for free, provided that the author replaces the old file with the new one. I wanted everyone to be able to access the latest version easily, should I make any changes. (I’m pretty sure I will as I discover new features, shortcuts, etc.)

P.S. You need a MS Windows computer to use the guide. One of the freeware programs needed to do the formatting isn’t available on Mac. Sorry, Mac users! If and when I find a suitable Mac freeware, I’ll definitely update the guide and let you know.

Doing Your Homework

Many of you are probably aware of the less-than-ideal situation at Red Rose Publishing. It is so critical to do your homework, especially when you’re dealing with small presses and/or e-publishers. (With the big NY publishers — in general they deal with agented authors and they tend not to get into Jerry Springer-esque situations…)

Talking to other writers doesn’t always help because they either don’t know (too new to the publisher) and/or are reluctant to be 100% honest at times. In the case of RRP, they had a non-disclosure clause so many RRP authors kept their mouths zipped.

I recommend the following resources for anyone considering submitting works to e-publishers / small presses.

Health & Writing

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but Linda Howard briefly discussed the trouble she’s been having with her work due to her health issues on Facebook. I’m not surprised that less than good health can affect one’s creativity and productivity and everything else so much. It doesn’t even have to be something hormonal. Even something as non-specific as chronic pain can bring on numerous problems and kill productivity.

When little aches here and there let themselves known, I used to just forge ahead until my body went on a massive strike. It did for two months soon after I signed with Agent. It did again last year. After two devastating battles that lasted five months total, I’ve decided I cannot win against my own body. So these days I try to be kinder to myself, even though it’s very hard, especially because I never used to have joint pain. My first instinct is usually to flog myself for being lazy or whiny or something.

So what do I do when I feel achy or fatigued? I allow myself a very short nap and half an hour of stretching. On top of that, I see my physical therapist at least twice a week to keep my joints in working shape. And I eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. I should exercise more regularly as well, but one thing at a time.

What do you do to keep yourself healthy?